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Learn To Play Pathfinder With A Pro Game Master

Learn to Play Pathfinder 2e weekend spotlights beginner one-shots and new campaigns with seasoned GMs, all weekend January 26-29, 2023.

Play Games For A Good Cause During Wisdom Save Weekend 2022

Everything you need to know about Wisdom Save Weekend 2022, where you can play games for mental health nonprofit Take This.
Tabletop Gaming News

This Week In TTRPG News: Gen Con And... HeroScape!?

Gen Con is already off to a great start with one surprising announcement.

Queerness Everywhere

In this final Pride 2022 Article, Victor (he/they) discusses including queer representation at your table in a way that doesn't impede the story and engages your players in a diverse and living world.

Perceived, Not Presenting

In this Pride Article, Dillin discusses the power of language and how changing your frame of mind can empower yourself.

Gender as Performance

In this Pride article, Rue Dickey discusses their experience with gender in TTRPGs and how they've learned to view gender as a performance and as a celebration of their queerness

Roll20Con: Try A New TTRPG System With These One-Shots

Roll20Con is a great time to get acquainted with the vast universe of tabletop RPGs. StartPlaying is partnered with Roll20 for the event, which runs November 12-14. The connected games, however, go from November 12-15. A lot of Roll20Con’s games are online one shots aimed at welcoming new players and helping lone players find a group to play with. Since so many people will be relative newbies, this makes Roll20Con a great event to sample a new TTRPG system. 

Roll20Con X StartPlaying: How You Can Participate

This week, Roll20 and StartPlaying are teaming up to introduce you to new TTRPGs and new D&D friends. Roll20Con will be underway from November 12-14 with previews, announcements, charity, and special online games run by professional GMs. With so much going on, we thought it would help to break it all down. Here’s everything you can do during Roll20Con 2021. 

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