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GM Allen (Panopticon) | Game Master of the Week

In this article we ask GM Panopticon about his experience GMing, how he handles nerves, and his successes in the space! Come here about his GMing style in this article!
Game Masters

22 Tips To Make You A Better Pro GM On StartPlaying

Looking to make a living as a professional Game Master? These tips will help you up your game and set the foundation for your business.
Running the Game

An Introduction To Owlbear Rodeo

Owlbear Rodeo ditches the fancy animated maps and macros for a simple map-and-tokens setup.
Game Masters

How To Get the Most Out of Your Villain

In this article for the final day of Hispanic Heritage Month, DeAngelo discusses how to make a great BBEG!
Running the Game

How to Use Discord to Play D&D (And Other TTRPGs)

Looking to use Discord to run your remote games? Here are the basic tools you'll need to get up and running quickly.

Queerness Everywhere

In this final Pride 2022 Article, Victor (he/they) discusses including queer representation at your table in a way that doesn't impede the story and engages your players in a diverse and living world.
Game Masters

Tax Tips & Tricks For Professional Dungeon Masters

Making a living playing Dungeons & Dragons sounds like a dream, and it often feels like one when you’ve got great support! Then tax season comes around, and suddenly the reality kicks in. There’s no W-2 to make things easy, you’re a self-employed individual now. Or would you be better off as a business? Can you write off your dice and energy drinks? Does your small corner of the living room count as a home office? We’re just as confused as you are, so we asked self-employment tax expert Liz Hanley for her sage advice. 
Encounter Ideas

5 Dragons Your D&D Players Should Face

It’s called Dungeons & Dragons, which means everyone expects to dungeon crawl and fight a dragon. That will only be more true in October, when Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons unleashes a trove of new dragon lore on 5E. Gem dragons will make their return, dragonborn players will get new options, and lairs will see expanded rules. But that doesn’t mean DMs need to wait until October to drop a dragon on their players. Here are five dragons you can find in the Monster Manual that will shock, awe, and burn your party to a crisp. 

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