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How To Set Up Your GM Profile With The Right Info

How do you set your profile up? What do players look for when they’re searching for GMs? We’ll answer these questions here.
Game Masters

The Top 50 Game Systems Played On StartPlaying - September 2023

What systems are people actually searching for on StartPlaying? We’ve got the data right here.
Running the Game

How To Use Content Warnings For A Safer, More Welcoming Game

GMs prefer different ways to create safe spaces in game, but it’s equally important to set up the foundations pre-game.
Game Masters

Give $10, Get $10 When New Players Join StartPlaying!

Did you know that StartPlaying Games has a referral program? Here’s how it works.
Game Masters

Best Practices For Game Listing Art On StartPlaying!

Here are the three things your game listing image needs to do.
Game Masters

How to Build a Discord for Running Games as a Game Master

Looking to make your Discord server a more streamlined and welcoming experience for you and your players? DM Katie has some pro tips.
Game Masters

DIY Headshots: 10 Easy Tips For A Stunning Profile Pic

We asked Alejandro Martinez, a professional photographer, for some advice on how to take a great headshot with nothing more than your iPhone/Android! 
Game Masters

How To Make Eye-Catching Art For Your Game Listings

With royalty-free assets, a simple editor, and a bit of work, Game Masters can create eye-catching art on a budget. 

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