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Black TTRPG Creators And GMs You Should Be Following

Here in the TTRPG space, there are plenty of Black creators, players, and GMs who enrich the hobby every day.

8 Black TTRPG Creators You Should Check Out This Black History Month

The best TTRPG games allow you to draw from a plethora of cultures and histories to create a fully realized world. Many players desire fantasy elements that give them a way to escape their real world problems for a few hours, but just as many players want to see themselves reflected in the game world. This need for detailed, respectful renderings of culture is why it’s important to include designers, artists, and players from all walks of life. So, to celebrate Black History Month, let’s highlight Black creators that are changing the landscape and putting out amazing work.
Game Masters

Eli Elliot | Black History Month GM Spotlight

Eli Elliot (he/they); Pro-GM, Podcaster, Streamer. Eli is the GM for No Peace and Death, an actual play on In the TTRPG industry, they love to run make sure that their stories are collaborative. Making sure that worldbuilding is driven by their players. In this GM Spotlight we talk a little about their work, Black History Month, and diverse worlds!

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