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Roll20 Data Breach, Hydro74 No More, ENNIE 2024 Nominees - TTRPG News 7/5/2024

Our top stories of the week are a Roll20 data breach, the end of an era for a favorite DnD artist, a new gaming company, and nominations for the prestigious ENNIE awards. Let’s get rolling with the first story. (art via Hydro74/WotC)
Tabletop Gaming News

DnD Fighter Needs A Bigger Bag, Evil Genius CEO Pitches NFT, Coyote & Crow Expansion - TTRPG News 6/19/2024

Wizards of the Coast previewed its 2024 DnD classes, Evil Genius CEO seems to go back on his word about NFTs, and two new horror experiences hit the scene. (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)
Playing the Game

How To Use StartPlaying To Find Your Dungeons & Dragons Group

The main challenge of Discord groups and random forum post is that you often don’t know who you’re playing with until it's too late. 

What One D&D Is (And What It Isn't)

Players are wondering what exactly this new set of rules means for their games. Can they just keep playing 5E as they have been for years? Will future campaign books phase out the old rules and force them to learn new rules? And is parent company Hasbro really trying to turn D&D into a subscription-based service like every video game is nowadays?
Playing the Game

So You've Played Baldur's Gate 3, And Now You Want To Play Dungeons & Dragons

Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned justiciar, here’s how to start playing D&D after Baldur’s Gate 3.

Every Dungeons & Dragons 5e Hardcover Adventure Module And What Type Of Gameplay They Offer

Here is a list of every official D&D hardcover adventure module, as well as a guide to what type of experience they offer. 
Running the Game

5 Folktales for Your Feywild Campaign

It’s the season of fey thanks to Wild Beyond the Witchlight. We at StartPlaying have many silly Dungeon Masters who are eager to weave a Feywild tale with you, and maybe pull a few tricks along the way. The only regrettable thing about Witchlight is that it ends so quickly, only taking players to level 8. So to help you keep the fun going, we looked up some neat folklore and fairy tales from different cultures. Feel free to drop these into your Witchlight campaign as you like, or use them to start a brand new quest! 

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