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Dicebreaker Staff Made Redundant, Vox Machina Season 3 Date, DnD Stamps At GenCon - TTRPG News 6/13/2024

This week begins with sad news about a fellow news site. Several Dicebreaker staff members announced that they lost their jobs this week after the site’s parent company was bought by IGN. Other, happier stories from this week cover The Legend of Vox Machina Season 3, DnD anniversary collectibles, and Dimension 20’s Kids on Bikes rework.
Tabletop Gaming News

Try The New Alice Is Missing Digital Edition At $10 Off

Hunters Entertainment is offering a $10 credit for players who take part in Alice is Missing Week!
Tabletop Gaming News

NASA RPG, Discworld, Premium D&D Aloha Shirts - TTRPG News 3/7/2024

Dungeons & Dragons makes another foray into luxury lifestyle branding, a well known card game and famous novel announce TTRPG adaptations, and even a game made for a government agency.
Tabletop Gaming News

Spend A Weekend In The 80s With Tales From The Loop

From March 7 to March 10, Game Masters will be running beginner-friendly sessions of Tales From the Loop.

8 Huge TTRPGs For Mecha And Kaiju Fans

What TTRPG system is focused on customizing your mech, and which just tells you to get in the robot? What kaiju game is more like Godzilla, and which is Monster Hunter?

Awesome In-Studio Actual Plays To Watch Over Your Holiday Break

Here are some actual play shows with great production values and unique premises. 

20 Tabletop RPG Gift Ideas From Dungeons To Other Dimensions

Our guide has everything from thoughtful side gifts to the perfect pick for a seasoned Dungeon Master. ‍

Xem's Guide To Exploration Tries To Fix 5E Travel By Putting It In The Players’ Hands

Xem’s Guide to Exploration tackles the problem of boring travel head-on by putting players in control.

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