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Should You Be Running One-Shots Or Campaigns? Homebrew Or Hardcover?

When chasing that elusive full table of eager players, there is one question that often comes up: do people want one-shots or campaigns? 
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History’s First Dice Rage, WizKids Red Dragon Statue, Baldur’s Gate 3 On Mac - TTRPG News 9/13/2023

An emperor outs himself as the first recorded instance of bad dice rolls, and WizKids celebrates D&D's 50th.
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Roll20 Adds Dungeon Scrawl To Its Portfolio For Real Time Map-Making

Popular virtual tabletop Roll20 announced that it now has free digital map-making tool Dungeon Scrawl under its umbrella.

How To Find A Pathfinder 2E Game Online

Here are three ways you can start playing Pathfinder 2E online.

Support Mental Health With StartPlaying And Take This

Game Masters can choose to donate any of their games to Take This, whatever works for their schedule and means. StartPlaying will also match the first $1000 raised.
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So You’ve Played Baldur’s Gate 3, And Now You Want To Play Dungeons & Dragons

Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned justiciar, here’s how to start playing D&D after Baldur’s Gate 3.