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How To Make A Great Game Template

Here's how to make a game template on StartPlaying that will get attention.

How Could We Improve Tabletop Consent Before Playing? By CJ McCullough

The TTRPG safety checklist we have is great, but CJ McCullough has some ideas on how to expand it for more nuanced topics.

What I Learned While Building an Online Community

In this article Steve Huynh discusses the challenges and rewards of building a community on online platforms such as discord and how to make them safe!
Running the Game

Romance Doesn't Need to Mean Sex

When I ask you to describe romance, what comes to mind? Roses, beach walks at sunset, and candlelight dinners, perhaps? Why, therefore, is romance in TTRPGs reduced to the age-old stereotype of a hypersexual bard or tavern hookup with some hurriedly named NPC who fades to black? I've played enough games and asked enough GMs for a romance arc to know that this is exactly what you'll get. To be honest, as an Ace, I'm not at all interested in the fade to black aspect. I want the desire, the wanting, the flutter of falling in love, but it always has to come down to sex for some reason. Asexuality is part of the A of LGBTQIA+, it does not mean Ally. Ace is a wonderful umbrella that includes all sorts of attractions or lack thereof. Ace people are as varied and diverse as the rainbow we belong in - for clarity and ease today we will be talking about my brand of Ace - the lack of sexual attraction.

Write Them Out by Aram Vartian

Aram Vartian shares how you can create meaningful game worlds that don't mimic real world discrimination.

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