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Should You Be Running One-Shots Or Campaigns? Homebrew Or Hardcover?

When chasing that elusive full table of eager players, there is one question that often comes up: do people want one-shots or campaigns? 

Support Mental Health With StartPlaying And Take This

Game Masters can choose to donate any of their games to Take This, whatever works for their schedule and means. StartPlaying will also match the first $1000 raised.
Game Masters

Best Practices For Game Listing Art On StartPlaying!

Here are the three things your game listing image needs to do.
Game Masters

TTRPG Artist Spotlight July 2023: Otávio Augustto And Laura Galli

Otávio Augustto And Laura Galli bring colorful settings full of wholesome animal folk to this month's artist spotlight.
Game Masters

How to Build a Discord for Running Games as a Game Master

Looking to make your Discord server a more streamlined and welcoming experience for you and your players? DM Katie has some pro tips.
Game Masters

DIY Headshots: 10 Easy Tips For A Stunning Profile Pic

We asked Alejandro Martinez, a professional photographer, for some advice on how to take a great headshot with nothing more than your iPhone/Android! 
Game Masters

How To Make Eye-Catching Art For Your Game Listings

With royalty-free assets, a simple editor, and a bit of work, Game Masters can create eye-catching art on a budget. 
Running the Game

A Comprehensive List of Virtual Tabletops - Updated 2023

With more tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs) happening online these days, you might be exploring your virtual tabletop (VTT) options. WeÔÇÖve checked out some of the best VTTs around so you can find the perfect fit for your group.

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