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Running the Game

An Introduction To Owlbear Rodeo

Owlbear Rodeo ditches the fancy animated maps and macros for a simple map-and-tokens setup.
Running the Game

A New Player’s Guide To Roll20

Are you joining your first-ever RPG game on Roll20? Here's what you need to set up your character and start rolling.
Tabletop Gaming News

Everything Announced During Wizards Presents August 2022

Here's everything Wizards of the Coast announced for Dungeons & Dragons at Wizards Presents August 2022.
Game Masters

Things Every Pro GM Needs To Run Their Games

Everyone only really needs three things to start as a Dungeon Master or Game Master: a decent grasp of the game’s rules, dice, and imagination. To take it to the pro level, however, you’re going to need more–particularly in the tech department. That’s not to say that a professional GM needs an epic home studio like Critical Role. Like any career, you can start small and build up as you go. 

Roll20Con: Try A New TTRPG System With These One-Shots

Roll20Con is a great time to get acquainted with the vast universe of tabletop RPGs. StartPlaying is partnered with Roll20 for the event, which runs November 12-14. The connected games, however, go from November 12-15. A lot of Roll20Con’s games are online one shots aimed at welcoming new players and helping lone players find a group to play with. Since so many people will be relative newbies, this makes Roll20Con a great event to sample a new TTRPG system. 
Running the Game

All the Tech You Need To Play D&D Online

One of the most convenient ways to play Dungeons & Dragons (or any TTRPG) is online. The internet gives you access to a literal world of potential players and Dungeon Masters, not to mention game styles. There’s also the matter of safety, as some people might not feel comfortable playing in person or lack the ability to travel. That said, there is admittedly a learning curve to playing online. You may need to use a character sheet you’re not used to, figure out how macros work, and learn how to make tokens. To make it easy, we broke down the essential tools for playing D&D online. 
Playing the Game

Dungeons & Dragons Essentials

So you wanna start playing D&D. Here are the essentials.

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