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Roll20 Wants To Level Up The DnD Character Sheet

During a preview, Roll20 showed how its character sheet’s visuals are being updated for better readability. They’re taking player feedback into account when deciding what information goes where. 
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Roll20 Gets Demiplane, Paramount Cancels DnD TV Show, Monster Manual Alt Cover - TTRPG News 6/5/2024

Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds made huge acquisitions, Paramount stopped its DnD show, and WotC showed off a shiny new Monster Manual cove
Running the Game

How Roll20 Characters Can Be Your New Session Zero Essential

It can be used for remote games in Roll20’s VTT, theater of the mind sessions over Zoom, or in person.
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Drakkenheim Gets Kickstarter First, D&D Gets Big-Name Consultants, 5-Year-Old Makes Dungeon - TTRPG News 3/28/2024

Find out how Dungeon Dudes continued their D&D Beyond partnership, who Dungeons & Dragons asked to help improve its upcoming books, how a five-year-old made a dungeon, and the latest amazing Humble Bundle. 
Running the Game

Alchemy VTT - What Is It And How Do You Use It?

The visual direction of Alchemy is already focused on big pictures and simple scenes, making it great for actual play shows.
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Hex&Co Unionize, Marvel Multiverse Free Digital Access, Pathfinder Remaster - TTRPG News 11/16/2023

Check out how an NYC-based board game cafe unionized, gaze at Marvel Multiverse’s first big adventure, and witness Pathfinder remaster its rules.
Running the Game

Beginner's Guide To Quest Portal

Quest Portal is a virtual tabletop, or VTT, aimed at welcoming new players and making things easier for Game Masters.
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Baldur's Gate 3 Honour Mode, Diablo TTRPG, D&D TV Launch - TTRPG News 11/9/2023

This week’s stories show that Baldur’s Gate 3 has a lot left to give. In other news, Diablo is coming to the TTRPG scene, the D&D TV channel gets an air date, and Paizo announces a surprise partnership.

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