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Best High Level D&D Adventures On DMs Guild

Many Dungeons & Dragons players want high level content, but Wizards of the Coast isn’t working on an endgame hardcover anytime soon. As many fans will point out, level 20 games are a different beast entirely. Player characters of higher levels have so many options and abilities that there is no universal adventure template capable of challenging them. DMs instead need to tailor the game to the specific characters.
Running the Game

All the Tech You Need To Play D&D Online

One of the most convenient ways to play Dungeons & Dragons (or any TTRPG) is online. The internet gives you access to a literal world of potential players and Dungeon Masters, not to mention game styles. There’s also the matter of safety, as some people might not feel comfortable playing in person or lack the ability to travel. That said, there is admittedly a learning curve to playing online. You may need to use a character sheet you’re not used to, figure out how macros work, and learn how to make tokens. To make it easy, we broke down the essential tools for playing D&D online. 
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It’s A Great Time To Be An Eberron Fan

What do you think when you hear the words “steampunk” and “Dungeons & Dragons” together? What about “noir” and “Dungeons & Dragons”? If your mind immediately goes to campaign ideas for high-stakes train heists, detective rogues with trench coats, and magical technology, then you’re going to love what’s happening on DMs Guild this month. 

Here’s How To Play The Smash Hit Avatar Legends RPG Now

Avatar: the Last Airbender is in the midst of a resurgence, and that includes a brand new TTRPG. A currently running Kickstarter aims to get books in players’ hands sometime in early 2022, but you can play now using a free sample set of the rules. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Game Master, we happen to have a few that have mastered all the elements of this new system and can save your world. 
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Why you should hire a professional Dungeon Master

You might have heard about this new thing called professional Dungeon Masters. It hit its stride during the pandemic, as more and more players were forced to navigate the complexities of online Dungeons & Dragons. Finding randoms on forums resulted in horror stories, creating a need for seasoned DMs who could give groups of strangers a fun (and safe) time. Even as restrictions ease, however, players are finding that paid DMs deliver. What exactly do they deliver? Here are 5 reasons you should hire a Professional Dungeon Master/Game Master. 
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Strixhaven: A Curriculum Of Chaos Makes Shared Subclasses From UA Disappear

When Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos hits shelves on November 16, it will be missing any trace of the shared subclasses seen in a recent Unearthed Arcana playtest. Fans apparently had a very strong reaction to the idea of subclasses that can be used by multiple different classes. 
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D&D Head Says No Specific Plans For High-Level Play

Many Dungeons & Dragons players want more official high-level content, but it doesn’t look like Wizards of the Coast plans to grant that wish anytime soon. In a recent press conference, D&D head Ray Winninger said that the design team is not putting focus on campaigns set in the highest player levels. 
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All Encounters In D&D’s Wild Beyond The Witchlight Can Be Solved Without Combat

Wizards of the Coast revealed new details about what players can expect from the upcoming hardcover adventure Wild Beyond the Witchlight. When the book releases on September 21, players will find a level 1-8 adventure, two new backgrounds and races, the return of classic 1980s D&D characters, and peaceful solutions to every encounter.

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