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What I Learned While Building an Online Community

In this article Steve Huynh discusses the challenges and rewards of building a community on online platforms such as discord and how to make them safe!

Game Design and the Pieces of Myself

In this article, Charu discusses her work in the industry and designing games, and how that process allows her work as a reflection of self.

Finding My Voice in TTRPGs

In this article, guest author, Dare Hickman, talks about finding using TTRPGs as a way of not only reclaiming your voice, but also of finding yourself.

8 Black TTRPG Creators You Should Check Out This Black History Month

The best TTRPG games allow you to draw from a plethora of cultures and histories to create a fully realized world. Many players desire fantasy elements that give them a way to escape their real world problems for a few hours, but just as many players want to see themselves reflected in the game world. This need for detailed, respectful renderings of culture is why it’s important to include designers, artists, and players from all walks of life. So, to celebrate Black History Month, let’s highlight Black creators that are changing the landscape and putting out amazing work.

20 One And Done Games For When You Need A Break From Your Campaign

Need a break from hours-long combat? Try these one-shot games that will make you laugh, thing, or be a bear.
Game Masters

Things Every Pro GM Needs To Run Their Games

Everyone only really needs three things to start as a Dungeon Master or Game Master: a decent grasp of the game’s rules, dice, and imagination. To take it to the pro level, however, you’re going to need more–particularly in the tech department. That’s not to say that a professional GM needs an epic home studio like Critical Role. Like any career, you can start small and build up as you go. 

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