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Get Paid To Play D&D, Dimension 20 In NYC, Hasbro On Social Media Outrage - TTRPG News 4/10/2024

A well-known YouTuber made a website for paid playtesting of TTRPG content, Dimension 20 beat Taylor Swift ticket prices for a live show, and Hasbro worked to downplay past mistakes in favor of future potential.
Tabletop Gaming News

Non-Faerun Video Game, D&D Lego style, TTRPG TV Guide - TTRPG News 4/4/2024

Hasbro invested in a video game multiverse for Dungeons & Dragons, LEGO got brutal, Free League scored another win, and TTRPG streams got their own TV Guide.
Running the Game

Alchemy VTT - What Is It And How Do You Use It?

The visual direction of Alchemy is already focused on big pictures and simple scenes, making it great for actual play shows.
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DMs Guild Says No To AI Art, Hank Green In Dimension 20, Backerkit Opens Up Crowdfunding - TTRPG News 7/27/23

This weekÔÇÖs big stories show another big player take a stance against AI while Dimension 20 previews its next season. All the while, Backerkit has been building to a successful debut in the crowdfunding space.
Tabletop Gaming News

Adventure Time, Smosh Starts D&D Actual Play, Roll20 Says Buy Indie Space RPGs - TTRPG News 7/6/23

It's Adventure Time for TTRPGs, Smosh gets big views with D&D, and Roll20 supports indies.
Tabletop Gaming News

WotC Keeps Moving Towards Digital, Baldur's Gate 3 Releases Early, Dungeons & Drag Queens - TTRPG News 6/28/23

WotC won't sell physical books without digital anymore, Baldur's Gate 3 moves PC release date up, and Dimension 20 does drag.
Running the Game

Pro GM Audio & Video - How To Look (And Sound) Your Best

Professional Game Masters make a lot of use of video calls and webcams, so here are some tips to get the best of your gear no matter your budget.
Tabletop Gaming News

Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month With Transplanar's Roll For Solidarity Charity Event

The creators behind the all-trans, POC-led Dungeons & Dragons show TransplanarRPG are closing out AAPI Heritage month with a charity stream from May 26-28.

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