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StartPlaying And The LGBT National Help Center Partner For June Pride Charity

You’ll find level 20 DnD, Candela Obscura, Fallout, and more! Come help support a great cause and have a great time doing so! 
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Dicebreaker Staff Made Redundant, Vox Machina Season 3 Date, DnD Stamps At GenCon - TTRPG News 6/13/2024

This week begins with sad news about a fellow news site. Several Dicebreaker staff members announced that they lost their jobs this week after the site’s parent company was bought by IGN. Other, happier stories from this week cover The Legend of Vox Machina Season 3, DnD anniversary collectibles, and Dimension 20’s Kids on Bikes rework.
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Roll20 Wants To Level Up The DnD Character Sheet

During a preview, Roll20 showed how its character sheet’s visuals are being updated for better readability. They’re taking player feedback into account when deciding what information goes where. 
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Roll20 Gets Demiplane, Paramount Cancels DnD TV Show, Monster Manual Alt Cover - TTRPG News 6/5/2024

Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds made huge acquisitions, Paramount stopped its DnD show, and WotC showed off a shiny new Monster Manual cove
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DnD Dungeon Master's Guide 2024 Cover, Final Fantasy Under Fire, Kids On Kickstarter - TTRPG News 5/31/2024

Dungeons & Dragons’ new Dungeon Master's Guide gets a sweet cover, Final Fantasy 14 isn't so critically acclaimed, and two big Kickstarters smash their goals. 

Support Veterans In Need With Mvg Memorial May

MVG is giving away a custom Dungeons & Dragons Vecna-themed gaming PC. This machine, valued at $5,000, can be yours simply by participating in an event game.
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DnD Greyhawk Returns, Adventure Time Hits $1M, One More Multiverse Shuts Down - TTRPG News 5/15/2024‍

Dungeons & Dragons revealed the cover art for its new rulebook, Adventure Time 5E joins the $1M club, and One More Multiverse shuts down.
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How To Use StartPlaying To Find Your Dungeons & Dragons Group

The main challenge of Discord groups and random forum post is that you often don’t know who you’re playing with until it's too late. 

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