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How To Play D&D Like Stranger Things

Ready to start your own Hellfire Club? Here's how!
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This Week In TTRPG News: WotC In The Hot Seat Again

D&D gets in trouble for its Spelljammer Hadozee, but will it affect Dragonlance?
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Everything Announced During Wizards Presents August 2022

Here's everything Wizards of the Coast announced for Dungeons & Dragons at Wizards Presents August 2022.
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This Week In TTRPG News: New Releases Aplenty

A lot of new exciting releases are on the way, from a Final Fantasy inspired TTRPG to a new D&D starter set.
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This Week In TTRPGs: An Owlbear By Any Other Name

The age-old battle of lore vs. Rule of Cool took center stage this week as fans got a first look at the upcoming D&D movie.

Roll20Con X StartPlaying: How You Can Participate

This week, Roll20 and StartPlaying are teaming up to introduce you to new TTRPGs and new D&D friends. Roll20Con will be underway from November 12-14 with previews, announcements, charity, and special online games run by professional GMs. With so much going on, we thought it would help to break it all down. Here’s everything you can do during Roll20Con 2021. 

Every Dungeons & Dragons 5e Hardcover Adventure Module

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition is going strong, and it looks like it’ll be a long time before 6th Edition comes. So why not stay awhile and play one of the many campaign modules released for 5e? We happen to have a good number of them running at StartPlaying, from the classic battle against evil dragon Tiamat to the wacky roleplay-centric antics of Wild Beyond the Witchlight. Almost every kind of theme and gameplay type is represented in 5e’s official modules, to the point that any player might feel overwhelmed by choice. The design priorities of the D&D team have also changed over the years, leading to very strong fan opinions over the direction of one module versus another. It’s a lot to take in, so let us help you pick the book that’s right for you. Here is a list of every official D&D hardcover adventure module, as well as a guide to what type of experience they offer. 
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5 Folktales for Your Feywild Campaign

It’s the season of fey thanks to Wild Beyond the Witchlight. We at StartPlaying have many silly Dungeon Masters who are eager to weave a Feywild tale with you, and maybe pull a few tricks along the way. The only regrettable thing about Witchlight is that it ends so quickly, only taking players to level 8. So to help you keep the fun going, we looked up some neat folklore and fairy tales from different cultures. Feel free to drop these into your Witchlight campaign as you like, or use them to start a brand new quest! 

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