About Us

What we're about.

We love games, and we think you shouldn't have to dig through forums and servers to find one.

A bit about us.

A few days after San Francisco went into lockdown, we met over a phone call. Six hours later we had a dozen ideas spinning around and the first inklings of the platform that would become StartPlaying.Games had begun to form.

Devon had been featured in Bloomberg for being a professional dungeon master and had a background in the Tabletop Gaming industry as a Twitch content creator for his channel Total Party Chill.

Nate, a Harvard alum and previous engineer for tech heavyweights like Google and Facebook, was the first customer of his own product. In their quest to revolutionize how people find online and in-person entertainment, Nate and Devon spent the next three months building the platform StartPlaying.

We were the first customers of our own product. Every week, we talk with users, game masters, and publishers on how to improve and bring a better experience to our users. We make sure to take breaks for playing games ourselves!. We met in a park in San Francisco to (socially distant) celebrate our first organic booking.

If you have an idea on how we can better serve the TTRPG community and professional game masters, please reach out, we’d love to hear from you. If you’re looking for some fun, then we suggest you click the button below to search for a game so you can start playing.

Our Team

Nate Tucker is a computer scientist and Harvard alum. He has worked for tech giants like Facebook & Google. Outside of gaming, he enjoys hiking, yoga, and anime.

Devon Chulick is a longtime product manager & marketer, and TTRPG content creator. He was featured in Bloomberg’s "Rise of the Professional Dungeon Master". Outside of gaming he loves volleyball, reading, and pizza.

Finding games is in need of innovation.

Ten years ago, the idea of a paid Game Master would be considered a pipe dream. Ten years ago, TTRPG's didn't have the positive reception they do today. Now more than ever, people are looking at tabletop games as a way to connect and replace passive entertainment (aka Netflix streaming).

Now, players can finally find the absolute best games on the internet. Each week, our GM's and players provide invaluable feedback to make our platform better. 

We think you shouldn't have to dig through forums and servers to find a game.

We think you shouldn't have to dig through forums and servers to find a game. There hasn't been a lot of innovation in the Tabletop Game finding space. We knew we could make something better than what was being offered.

What's next?

You tell us! We're constantly looking for partners to collaborate with and users to interview about ways we can improve our platform. Feel free to shoot us a line at Contact @ Startplaying.Games