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5 LGBTQIA+ TTRPGs You Need In Your Library

Happy Pride! If you didn’t know, June is Pride Month in the US and StartPlaying.Games wants to introduce you to some fantastic works made by LGBTQIA+ TRPG creators.
Game Masters

How I Became a Professional Dungeon Master

I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons for 17 years. From the first fateful day I was at the comic book and game store, I was hooked. Originally the guy who worked the register told me and my friends he would DM for us and show us the game

Microscope: The Game of Time

Do you ever get blackout drunk with your friends one night, then the next morning, all of you gather around some medicinal mimosas and first-aid pancakes to play a game where you piece together what happened? Microscope is that game.

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