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Beginner’s Guide To Quest Portal

Quest Portal is a virtual tabletop, or VTT, aimed at welcoming new players and making things easier for Game Masters.
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Baldur’s Gate 3 Honour Mode, Diablo TTRPG, D&D TV Launch - TTRPG News 11/9/2023

This week’s stories show that Baldur’s Gate 3 has a lot left to give. In other news, Diablo is coming to the TTRPG scene, the D&D TV channel gets an air date, and Paizo announces a surprise partnership.
Tabletop Gaming News

Asmodeus Stat Block Revealed, MCDM BackerKit, Stormlight RPG Live Play - TTRPG News 11/2/2023

Dungeons & Dragons takes center stage with a pair of big announcements. One is a pleasant surprise. The other… not so much.

Xem’s Guide To Exploration Tries To Fix 5E Travel By Putting It In The Players’ Hands

Xem’s Guide to Exploration tackles the problem of boring travel head-on by putting players in control.
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D&D 50th Anniversary Anthology Hints, Witch And Talent Classes, Roll20 Brings Big Humble Bundle - TTRPG News 10/26/2023

In this week’s TTRPG news, a popular podcast has a spooky D&D class for its listeners, Roll20 is giving lots of treats for charity, and WotC hints at some old ghosts returning in 2024.
Game Masters

How To Set Up Your GM Profile With The Right Info

How do you set your profile up? What do players look for when they’re searching for GMs? We’ll answer these questions here.

13 Spooky Systems To Try For Halloween Games

Here are several spine-chilling systems, and links to professional games for each.