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Every Dungeons & Dragons 5e Hardcover Adventure Module

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition is going strong, and it looks like itÔÇÖll be a long time before 6th Edition comes. So why not stay awhile and play one of the many campaign modules released for 5e? We happen to have a good number of them running at StartPlaying, from the classic battle against evil dragon Tiamat to the wacky roleplay-centric antics of Wild Beyond the Witchlight.┬áAlmost every kind of theme and gameplay type is represented in 5eÔÇÖs official modules, to the point that any player might feel overwhelmed by choice. The design priorities of the D&D team have also changed over the years, leading to very strong fan opinions over the direction of one module versus another. ItÔÇÖs a lot to take in, so let us help you pick the book thatÔÇÖs right for you. Here is a list of every official D&D hardcover adventure module, as well as a guide to what type of experience they offer.┬á