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The door opens slowly as the cold wind rushes past causing the candles to flicker. The tavern gets quite as they all look back at you only for a moment until they go back to what they were doing. May i help you as you hear after you walk in (A warforge staring back at you wearing a well fitted tux and a nice black and white top hat) don't see many of your kind around here these days.... And this is only the start of your adventure. Where would it take you who would you meet and what mystery's will you unfold. Come join me in this magical world n Chaos. Here anything is possible where the rules do not limit us, yet we break them test your limits and push ourselves past our own desires and comfort. Save that town fall in love or even slay the dragon. also, if you want come join my discord ------

GM style

Here I run a lot of heavy roleplay I will teach and help you learn to improve if needed and help with improv. Combat will come and be dangerous and fast paced (at times) but I don't run a lot of it unless requested and or part of the story whether players trigger it on their own free will or the fate of the dice choose so. here i will give you NPC's you will never forget and love ...... or hate lol I will paint the full picture for you while also using foundry to display battle maps dungeons and some towns or Citys. I love getting veteran players but I also love teaching.

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