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Hi gang :) I am an east coast DM and though I am new here I have DMed for many of my friends in the New York City area as well as run games online. I have a background in horror screenwriting and film production. Being a New Yorker, I have run games for all sorts of players from new to veterans. I love working with new people, value fairness and I am here to help everyone at the table have a good time. My games are 5E RAW although we can discuss a few preferences I have at session 0 and I am open to suggestions. Games are based in settings like the Forgotten Realms. I have been told my games are challenging but fun and death is rare but possible. My games are heavy on exploration, fighting, problem solving and storytelling with role play laced throughout. Creativity is rewarded. Look forward to meeting everyone. “Good luck storming the castle!” — Miracle Max

GM style

I love DnD and having lived in New York City for decades, I love meeting people from all walks of life. My games tend to start simple but turn into epic journeys filled with discovery, mystery and combat. Players are encouraged to be pragmatic, imaginative and focus on one class to keep things simple. The next quest will be to escort 3 acolytes of the church of Lathander to Ten Towns which has been shrouded in darkness and cut off from travel north of Luskan for months. Rumors tell of a malevolent voice reaching out to those who encounter peril in the arctic. The party will need to navigate hazardous conditions to travel there or find a new path through the Underdark if that is a more viable option. The games can be as much player vs environment. "You are keenly aware that casting Thunderwave may trigger an avalanche." At higher levels players will need to navigate vying power groups, research arcane lore, use discernment and pragmatism when entering a fight and play to their strengths. In short, the games tend to be more about the group than the individual. "The Walking Dead" might be a good example.

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