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About me

There are two DMs here - Dreams & Enigma. Together we run games and produce content! 🐲🐲 DM Dreams 🐲🐲 I'm Dreams or James; I prefer to be called Dreams. I go by he/they pronouns. I am trans masculine and queer. I have been running forum-based RPs since the 90's & 2000's. I've been DMing D&D 5E for the past three years and am currently exploring other systems. I bring a unique perspective and understanding to the table, and am excited to share my passion for role-playing games with others. In addition to my dungeon mastering skills, I am also a professional graphic designer and illustrator. I have experience in marketing and copy writing, and I believe that these skills can enhance my role as a dungeon master and make my games more engaging and interactive. I offer various services, of which you can see on my site below. πŸ”³ My Discord (where my games will be hosted): 🌍 My site: πŸ•°οΈ My timezone is Eastern Time (GMT -5). πŸͺΆπŸͺΆ DM Enigma πŸͺΆπŸͺΆ Enigmatic, also known as Sam, is my trusted friend and fellow dungeon master. He is neurodivergent and identifies as LGBTQIA+ (gay). We have a long-standing friendship, and I introduced him to tabletops in November 2021. He has been running forum-based roleplays for over 18 years and has extensive experience with play-by-post and live-text games. You can recognize his games by the "DMed by Enigma" tag, and he has a separate Discord for players to join. As a team, Enigmatic and I often play in each other's games and help players with play-by-post mechanics and the Avrae bot. He handles the actual running of the game, and I help with advertising and resource pooling. Our collaboration allows us to teach players who are new to the format. 🌍 Enigmatic's Site:

GM style

I am trans masculine and neurodiverse. No matter who you are, I will make sure you have a safe place at my table. I always use Safety Cards and a Monte-Cooke consent form, and any other Safety Tools that players need. I will do my best to accommodate for people's needs. For example, I will let people who are selectively mute communicate by text, and will read things out for people. πŸ‰ Dungeon Master with a heart of gold πŸ«‚ Neuro-diverse dungeon master with a focus on accessibility 😺 Infectious enthusiasm for DMing 🍺 Loves customization (homebrew) πŸ§™ Open to learning other systems & VTTs πŸ’» Versatile with virtual tabletop programs (Roll20, Foundry, Avrae, Owlbear) 🀝 Valuing player choice and creativity 🎲 Immersive and engaging gaming experiences 🧱 Balancing games to fit the players/PCs 🎁 Giving players pleasant surprises πŸ”• Encouraging quiet players πŸ“š Teaching new virtual tabletop programs and formats


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