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About me

Greetings and welcome to the world of Dungeons & Dragons! I am your friendly and experienced Dungeon Master, ready to guide you on exciting adventures through the realms of 5e WOTC hardcover adventures and Adventurers League modules. With over 70k hours of Roll20 expertise and a treasure trove of 200 ready-to-play adventures plus anything on Roll20, I promise to bring your imagination to life with stunning maps, dynamic lighting, and a music library that perfectly sets the mood. As a seasoned DM with 35 years of experience since AD&D 2ed, I strive for a balanced mix of exploration, combat, and role play. My style is approachable and inclusive, and I bring each NPC to life with unique voices and personalities that add soul to the story. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, I'm here to ensure you have a fun, fair, and thrilling experience. So grab your dice and let's embark on a thrilling journey together! I'm ready to be your referee and guide, not your adversary, so come play D&D as it was meant to be played! Books and adventures I own (note I have access to any adventure on Roll20) Creator of the Discord community Adventurers League Hub

GM style

Here's what you can expect: Rules as Written Mastery: Trust in a game where the rules are faithfully upheld, empowering you to make informed choices and design your character's path with confidence. Rule of Cool: Experience thrilling moments of heroism and cinematic flair that reward your creativity. Colorful Maps: Immerse yourself in vivid landscapes that bring each setting to life. Music for Every Situation: Enhance the mood with carefully selected music, setting the tone for each encounter. Open Rolls: Witness the unpredictability of the dice as I roll openly, ensuring fairness and excitement. Talented NPC Voices: Engage with a diverse cast of characters, each brought to life through distinct and immersive voices. Balanced Gameplay: Encounter a perfect blend of combat, exploration, and roleplaying in every session. Punctuality: Respect for your time is paramount. Games start promptly, so you can dive right into the adventure. Well-Prepared: Benefit from meticulously crafted campaigns and encounters, ensuring a captivating experience. Improvisation and Surprises: Embrace the thrill of the unexpected as I adapt to your choices and revel in surprises. Packed Full of Content: Enjoy sessions that are filled with meaningful progress, avoiding unnecessary delays or filler moments. Fair Challenges: While not adversarial, expect a world where the chance of death adds tension and significance to your actions. Vast Resources and Expertise: With access to all of Roll20's materials, tokens, maps, and adventures, alongside my role as a contracted content producer for Roll20, I bring an unparalleled level of resources and expertise derived from over 70k hours invested in mastering Roll20. Join me as your guide and storyteller, and let us embark on an unforgettable campaign. Together, we will create epic tales that will echo in your memories for years to come. Prepare to experience the adventure of a lifetime!

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