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About me

Stay awhile and listen to my story brave stranger: In '93 I gave reality the finger and became an elf for a few hours a week. The elf became an adventuring rogue that got together with like-minded strangers. Through camaraderie, they got over their losses and ended up saving an unknowing and uncaring world, their love for each other the only proof of their existence, while their world drifted into the mists of time. I became a biologist, and the like-minded strangers, my friends. I want the opportunity to help your characters live epic stories and perhaps, if we are lucky, to turn strangers into lifelong friends. From saving a child's very real imaginary friend in their hometown to becoming the protector of the bastion of unborn souls, the world will be what we make of it, together. I belong to the Jim Butcher and WX (Sanderson-Kowal-Tayler-Wells) schools of storytelling, Gygax's philosophy of multi-party sandbox of campaigning, and have several "podiums" in national (Venezuela) and regional (Caracas) tournaments under my belt (Stopped counting after five). Me? I'm a mixed Norseman-Latino, neurodivergent, liberal, geek, and TTRPG and biology nerd. My mum got the "love all, respect all" of her beloved sixties in my heart at an early age, so expect zero judgment, and the (sometimes overbearing) care and kindness I try to offer to the people in my life. As well as some of my anarchist dad's, stonefaced humor (he was a riot but his humor was black-hole-grade). I'm as old and hold the motto of the Hard Rock Café 🎸: 💖 ♻ ⌛ ☸ ∞"Love All-Serve All, All Is One, Save The Planet, and Take Time To Be Kind." 💖 ♻ ⌛ ☸ ∞ Secret ability: I can run hybrid Spanish/English campaigns if you want to practice your Spanish or English También se narra con ñ: se dirige en castellano, o en español (si eres latinoamericano)

GM style

From Awesome Royal "epicness" to silly nonsense, we shall have everything we want. Expect: Flexibility to match the game to the party's and players' wants/needs. Character development, multiple plots, character-driven plots. World-building: Your characters will dwell in a living world, where many groups or adventurers will handle many simultaneous crises (though they may only find out about them later). Good narrative skills, and I'll weave an immersion level according to what the party enjoys. I'm a terrible voice actor, but will never stop trying to give each NPC a unique personality and expression. Tactical challenge according to party desires/experience. The fact that there are enough self-righteous, self-appointed, moral & morality judges, and gatekeepers to make it necessary for me to say: "This is a safe space for LGBTQI+, BIPOC, women, and neurodivergents" in this day and age just makes me terribly sad. Players new to TTRPGs are welcome at my tables, I'll take a full party of starry-eyed, full-of-questions players any day of the week, over a single "unobtrusive" edgelord (BTW: Yes, if you feel compelled to act out your character being a dick and getting on the other PLAYERS' nerves instead of saying "my character tries to get on the other PCs nerves by talking about things he knows upsets hem" YOU are the dick, not your character. YOU will be kicked and your character will end up as a very nice, happy, shiny NPC that got enlightenment from the Overgod). In session 0 We'll get together to finish the Characters, set our boundaries, and decide as a group where to focus (Role-Playing, exploration, combat), so, please do make your "homework": follow the character creation general rules, and fill in your lines and veils before the start of the session. The world will be what we make of it, so when I ask you to put a couple of bad ideas on your stars and wishes at the end of a session, don't be surprised to find a combo of bad idea-wishes from around the table in front of you as an ally or adversarial NPC, a horrifically funny, or ludicrous horrific monster. REMEMBER: I'm not native to the US, so expect me to make cultural gaffes, I urge you to just have fun with them! Then have fun with my blushing and stammering when you tell me the nature of the gaffe.


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