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Dawid P
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About me

Goodmorning, Goodafternoon, Goodevening! It's a pleasure for you to stop by! This British Dungeon master you've decided to ponder at has a passion for Roleplay, improvisation, story and combat! I graduated Theatre and drama as a practitioner, actor, and writer, and have been engrossed in D&D for about 10 years. My beginnings were back in my local game store, as a monk wearing orange sweatpants, and ever since I've never looked back. Playing was never enough, I was drawn to DMing, my first game being in my house entirely on a giant scroll of paper, now my house is teeming with terrain, books, and miniatures. With 5 full 2-year campaigns, 1 Homebrew and 1 set in MTG's Innistrad but mostly homebrew, an Underdark homebew, a Wildmount irl homebrew game and a nearly completed Icewind Dale to 20, under my belt. I'm always looking for new adventurers to join me on our stories! I've some campaigns still on going. An Icewind Dale game, and a Wild beyond the Witchlight! My biggest Achievement is managing an upwards of 15 player mega campaign called Barside, a come and go adventure group which ran like many one shots that canonically linked together to fullfill a long written story. It's approaching it's end this summer but I can't understate how proud of the achievements made in that game! I've been running games entirely on roll20, but I'm also looking to expand my horizons to Talespire too! It's been my dream since I was young to act and share stories as a living, and 12 years of Improv, theatre, and writing training has led me to want to do this for a living. I'm heavily influenced by other Anime, video games, and films. I try to replicate The epic combat imagery of stuff like the Fate Series. I hope to bring amazing worlds, alike Tolkein, and I'm working on becoming the magic voice box that is Matthew Mercer. I'll show you a good game and, with some good rolls and great jokes along the way, share some awesome stories with you! If you want more information, check out my website!

GM style

New or veteran I welcome you to my table, I'm happy to teach and happy to explore the new. I don't believe anyone perfect and that includes myself, so I promise that the games I play will have fun as the number 1 priority. I will spend some time with each player trying to figure out what they want from the game, then molding a balance so that everyone gets their fun. If you want to bring a massive backstory to a campaign, I will use and exploit every little bit of joy from it that you give me. I welcome as much as you want to bring!. Massively fond of making crazy combats. Silly NPCs, In-game politics, and espionage. I love puzzles. mysteries and massive plot twists. Voices, I got a fair few! I think at least a few more than the standard Bri-ish dialect. I spend my spare time making homebrew items, creatures, characters, subclasses! So if you want something a little bit off-book, I'm always happy to have a look before making a verdict.


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