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About me

I'm all about creativity, roleplaying, and having fun. I love running rules-light games and encouraging players to explore and develop their characters. I'm also highly proficient at terrible accents and character voicings, adding a unique flavor to our sessions. My goal is to build immersive worlds and create unforgettable experiences for my players. I run both one-shots and campaigns in the Forgotten Realms and my homebrew setting (on request). So, are you ready to dive into a world of adventure with me?

GM style

I like to strike a balance between roleplay and combat, creating a fun and immersive experience for my players, whether they're new to the game or seasoned veterans. šŸ›”ļø Combat & Challenges - Challenging Encounters: My combat encounters are tough and memorable, with intelligent monster tactics to keep players on their toes. - Creative Puzzles & Traps: I love designing puzzles and traps that challenge players' minds and encourage problem-solving. šŸŒŸ Creative & Flexible Gameplay - Rule of Cool: I have a rules-light approach, embracing the "rule of cool" to keep things fun and interesting. - Theatre of the Mind: I bring my worlds to life with theatre of the mind, supplemented with unique AI-generated artwork. - Tactical Battle Maps: I create detailed tactical battle maps with obstacles and 3D features whenever possible, making encounters more dynamic and strategic. šŸ“œ Story & Homebrew - Expanded Modules: I supplement adventure modules with inventive random encounters, story arcs, and character backstories. - Player-Driven Stories: I weave character backstories into adventures, making each campaign unique and engaging. So, whether you're looking for a beginner-friendly game or a challenge for seasoned players, I'm ready to take you on an adventure!

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