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Bobby Peters

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About me

Fun loving, Shenanigan instigating and story telling. I have been playing and DMing D&D for 5 years. I specialize in 5e with beginners and teaching the mechanics of the game. My truest love in ttrpg is story telling and character development, friendship and the growing confidences of players as they navigate new worlds and adventures. My tables are a safe place for New players, Players with role play anxiety that maybe want an easy environment to get better at it or even not be judged for not wanting to do it, LGBT+. It is my goal to make this a game that anyone can play and go on the amazing adventures that dnd brings you on.

GM style

Firstly i want it to be know that i love new players, having a first time player at my table is such a great feeling as i have a teaching heart and love taking players from maybe a bit shy and not wanting to talk, maybe unfamiliar with rules or how a class works at first, to full character voice and feeling confidant in their knowledge of the game. Roleplay- Role play i one of my favorite things about dnd. Giving characters personalities, motives and a reason. Its also something i know intimidates a lot of new players. As a DM i love to encourage players to roleplay without making it mandatory. Letting them ease into a character and grow as a player. Combat- I love a good combat experience that is challenging without being over the top. however i can admit that i am a Cinnamon Roll and i do not like killing characters as my favorite thing about ttrpg's is story telling and developing characters which can be hard to do when characters drop every couple of sessions. That does not mean i dont kill characters but i will usually go threw every effort to help (Within the stories boundaries- NPC helping, Warlock patron striking a deal, Ext.) Currently Campaign List -The Wild Beyond the Witchlight -Waterdeep Dragon Heist -Curse of Strahd (I am not a horror expert, will be a more Tim Burton kinda take or silly Humblewood Blend with Strahd being a dapper vampire bat) -Lost mines of Phandelver (Shattered Obelisk) -Humblewood Games i will run but will need a week or 2 to get maps together -Princes of the Apocalypse -Tyranny of Dragons -Out of the Abyss Mini adventures I run Biweekly one-shots on mondays at 12pm Est I have Keys from the Golden Vault, Tales from the Yawning Portal and Candle Keep Mysteries. That if you are looking for a 2-4 session campaign we can take adventures and do them as mini adventures or episodic Campaign.

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