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Hi there! If you're in search of a GM who is a fan of their players' characters, puts forth significant efforts toward game prep, and can provide highly satisfying challenges to overcome, then you're in the right place. I love running games for folks of all experience levels, whether they be newcomers who have never even touched a d20, or veterans who have dozens of characters without a campaign to use them in. My primary system of choice is Lancer, and I facilitate its tactical, wargame-like action via the use of an extremely professional Foundry Virtual Tabletop setup. (Don't worry, you don't have to buy any software to use it!) Playing with a new group can be nerve-racking, but if you join one of my games, it won't take long to feel like you're part of the team. My background in technical support and customer service has given me strong communication skills, and the nature of my games makes it easy to onboard new members to the party. I am also very experienced with helping beginners learn rules. But don't just take my word for it! Here are a few quotes from some of my players' reviews: - "He really went above and beyond to help people understand the complicated aspects of the game in a way that was patient and helpful." - "The ideal GM if you're looking for a Lancer GM who really gets what makes the game feel fun." - "I've played dozens of games with different GMs on StartPlaying, and Colton is easily top 5 of the experiences I've had." Everyone is welcome at my tables, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and so on. Intolerance towards any of these is entirely unwelcome and grounds for immediate dismissal.

GM style

My overall style is more cinematic than theatrical. I typically don't expect that every little detail of every conversation needs to be played out in a first person perspective. That’s not to say I dislike that style of play; I just don’t think it’s always necessary. For instance, I usually skip scenes of traveling and shopping, instead opting to handwave most of it and jump straight to the action. My goal is to keep sessions moving at a brisk pace so we can experience more awesome moments in the time we have together. When I run Lancer, crunchy tactical combat forms the core of my sessions. I make all dice rolls publicly and never fudge numbers. I'm a strong believer in players needing to work together and think creatively to achieve victory. Players who are interested in entire sessions of pure roleplay without dice rolls will likely not enjoy my games! I go to extensive lengths with Foundry VTT for quality of life enhancements, game automation, sound effects, music, and visuals to make even the most routine fights memorable. I even have pre-recorded enemy voice quips and other sound effects that I play through a soundboard. These extra measures make the system as easy as possible to use while also providing an engaging experience you won't find anywhere else! (If you aren't a fan of the additional auditory features, you'll have your own individual volume slider that you can use to personalize your experience.) I always try to stick to the Rules As Written, although I do have a few house rules available to review in a shared document at any time. I sometimes abide by the Rule Of Cool, but I really love seeing crazy, creative things that players can pull off within the constraints of rules; I find that much more interesting and satisfying. If all of that sounds good to you, I hope to see you at our table!

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