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About me

Hehe Nice 😉 I’m Stephen (he/him) pronounced Steven but spelled with a PH. I don't understand it either. I’m the hero who saved Christmas! 🎄 I’m a Professional Dungeon Master Who has run games for hundreds of players both new and experienced with DnD. Working together with players to play the best game of pretend we possibly can to tell an epic story that we will are remember for years to come! ☺️. I'm always trying to expand my love of storytelling and getting to know more people and their outlook on character creation and the type of stories they wish to tell! My Number 1 Goal is to always tailor a campaign to my players' stories and characters that they wish to tell together! I will Always be an advocate of Homebrew DnD is the best DnD and I’m always happy to collaborate with players outside of gametime to help work on the arc and story you wish to tell at the table. DnD is a community game owned by the players who enjoy it and the most important thing to me as a DM is for you to have a fun, safe, and memorable time that brings you coming back every week the same way you used to wake up early on Saturday Morning to watch cartoons! I have a variety of game difficulties I like to run by players to help enable the kinda story you want to tell ranging from. Easy Mode: None (I will not kill any player characters. Any event that would result in a character death will have other lasting consequences instead, such as a serious injury or broken equipment) Normal Mode: (I will try to avoid killing player characters. Monsters will ignore unconscious PCs during combat) *BBEG Dependent Targeting* What’s Plot Armor?: (I will kill player characters if given the opportunity. Monsters will target unconscious PCs if it makes sense for them to do so.) Let’s get Metal AF: (I will mercilessly use tactics and abilities to attempt to kill player characters.) Surival Aspects and needing to eat and rest become a HELL of a LOT MORE CHALLENGING. WEAPONS WILL BREAK. LIMBS WILL BE LOST. PACK YOUR GOODBERRIES YOU'RE GONNA NEED EM!

GM style

The Rules are more like guidelines ;) At least that’s how I DM. I believe the best DnD Games are Homebrew games and thus I’m big on using homebrew and working with my players to make sure their character is capable of doing all the things they want to do within reason of their level. Does this mean the game scale can get broken? Completely possible but I work with players on small homebrew buffs to add on top of their features throughout the campaign and work together with player feedback to make sure BIG NERFS never come a players way. When players get stronger I make the world get stronger around them. I will change monster stat sheets; maybe this bandit leader has a unique fighting style and knows the sentinel feature. As a DM I always work to maximize my players enjoyment for keeping combat involving and fresh and making sure there’s plenty of NPCs My Goal as a Dungeon Master is to give my players that feeling of watching Saturday Morning Cartoons. Those shows that aren't on everyday that you only get to watch once a week, and you know if you miss it you won’t catch a rerun till the season finale week. That is the feeling I try to impersonate when I run my DnD sessions. For the enthusiastic RPers I always like to promote dialogue and exchanges. I’ve created my own system where every NPC even the random commoner you asked questions of on the street that didn't exist 5 seconds ago will always have a story, funny voice, and a secret, that my players find enjoyable and whacky to see what happens next in my game philosophy of; “You can make anything happen YOU JUST NEED TO ROLL WELL! Great Plans can Fail and Terrible Plans can succeed. It all comes down to the RNG GODS in our almighty dice overlords! Join Us and let's see what the gods have chosen for us! I tend to tailor make my campaign for my players as I wish to see their character fantasy play out in a satisfying way. A Master Swordsman needs to lose a fight and eventually either craft or earn a sword that greatly enhances them or even go through a training arc; the Silver tongued crook needs to have their honeyed words come around and bite them one day, but in the end they find ways to achieve what they desire. It's letting the player be given opportunities to play out their character fantasy and deal with all the consequence good and bad that can come from that story that I look forward to sharing with you. :)


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