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About me

I've been playing DnD for 9 years and DMing for about the same amount of time. When I began my journey into TTRPGs a group of friends and I hosted sessions out of the cafe I was working in at the time. We then moved to an internet cafe alongside bars when the number of groups playing grew too large for one venue to hold. I was an admin for our local facebook group (Granite City DnD) as well as an organiser for the DnD booth and panels for a local Comic-Con. My homebrew setting I run games inside of is malleable to the group I'm DMing for. Player backstories have made organisations that now exist in all my games. Characters become part of history, their story lives on. When you play with me I want you to leave the table smiling excited and sometimes even worried about what will happen next. It is never just my story its ours and your decisions, your characters aspirations matter. I love teaching new people to play within the space of TTRPGs. If you're brand new come along to a game or two and with a patient and helpful demeanour I'll show you how wonderful it can be. Those of you that have played for longer will find challenges in my games that you've likely never seen before. I create my own special creatures for you to overcome and powerful artifacts to wield as rewards! If you have any questions about my games, my schedule or anything else at all my inbox is always open. May you roll well!

GM style

I love to bring the world to life and make it feel as real as possible. Your actions have consequences and ripple outwards affecting things in small or grand ways. I believe that player choices should have weight. Let a bad guy live? He may come back for vengeance in the future either against you or your allies. Did you hear about a dragon to the north and not investigate? That dragon may later be expanding its territory further. I am a homebrew GM with a setting that I've been building on for 7 years. Everything is malleable for the group I am GMing for. I will entwine your backstory and character concept into the world enabling a deep roleplaying experience that may be the driving force of the campaign for a time. I want you and your character to become part of the world... to become part of myth and legend. I do voices. I make monster noises. I narrate combat as much as possible while keeping it flowing. Anything else you wish to know you can message me :)

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