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About me

If RP and character driven stories sound good to you then we are in agreeance. Epic fantasy adventures with a down to earth and relatable people, cities and stories are what I love the most. Heroes and villains are great, but what if there is more than just black and white? That is what I explore with my games and my players. My personal background has included writing, directing and acting in my own movies and skits. I currently write for a growing Webtoons Comic, and I partially own an entertainment company. I love to put my own spin on things, and I love working with others for the maximum amount of fun, whether it's custom rules or personal requests. I do like to push my players to RP to the best of their ability, as experience has shown: a little push can go a long way.

GM style

I am a very adaptive GM. How I run my games depends on what kind of players I take on. To me, it's all about balancing the 3 pillars of D&D to the party's liking. Role Play, exploration, combat. RP- I won't push too hard, but RP is 2/3 of RPG, so it's fundamental. Challenging the players with difficult choices and stacking consequences is what I do best. Whether it's through NPC dialogue or even during combat, a interesting choice is always around the corner. Exploration- I love using battle maps and Discord to post pictures of environments and NPC's to help the players picture the world that I'm bringing to life. My games tend to rely on strong connections to NPC's, so making sure the world around them matters is very important to me. Combat- A hard fought and well earned victory is one of the most satisfying feelings one can get in any TTRPG. Whether it is finally beating the BBEG at their own game, or somehow managing to un-summon Cthulhu, engaging combat is always preferable to simply just rolling dice at my table.


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