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About me

Hello new player! My name is Sean and I've been a running adventures since 2018. Born and raised in Southern California, I grew up surrounded by cinema and theater. Like so many others I became curious of DND and wanted to jump right in. I have been hooked on it ever since. What I like about this game is that your only limited to your imagination and do impossible things that no human being can do. I've also have a YouTube channel "McCluskers Gaming" where I host my Homebrew campaign on Foundry VTT. Foundry is my go to for online games as I am very familiar with the system. You are wondering how I run my games. I am not really a rules lawyer but at the same time rules can help the game not be broken, so my games are loose when it comes to that as DND rule can be not so clear sometimes. As it comes to being a chaotic player that I've experienced with over the years. I like a lot of shenanigan's around my table as it makes it more fun and interesting, But be courteous of other people around you. That is my main rule at my table. But enough about me.... Lets talk about you...What type of adventure are you looking for? Are you a new player looking to step into a world of make believe and you don't know where to start? No need to worry, as we were all lost and confused once before. I would guide you and to make sure that we get through this together. You will not be disappointed. A veteran player whos ready to start a new adventure and meet new adventurers. You've come to the right place. I would make your experience memorable. Are you a problem solver, and like puzzles? Then get ready to scratch your head a lot or feel good on solving that ridiculous revolving room trap. Want to just do a one shot and done? Then lets get it done. Thank you for taking the time and reading about me. Hope to see you in our adventures some time soon!!!!

GM style

I try to balance my Dming with exploration and discovering the story your character has. When it comes to helping new players learn RPGs, I am very patient and teaching them the ways and very open to ideas that they have in mind. I can react on the fly as players like to throw that curveball once in a while during games. I am generally pretty rules light and focus on making the experience fun for the players because at the end of the day we want all to have fun.


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