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With about 10k hours logged on Roll20 and more than 330 games run on SPG, I am a highly experienced Dungeon Master with a passion for creating immersive and engaging gaming and roleplaying experiences. I found out what Roll20 could do early 2020 and quickly became hooked, delving into tutorials and experimenting with various functions, macros, and APIs. I am now a confident Roll20 expert, with a particular focus on dynamic and comprehensive combat. Even before finding Startplaying I had been running professional games for a year and a half. Beyond gamifying and streamlining combat, I place a strong emphasis on cultivating a friendly and productive atmosphere at my table. I believe that an unfriendly player can ruin the experience for everyone, so you can trust that you'll be treated with respect in my games. I use descriptive language and consequential narratives to make the PCs feel like an important part of the setting and to help them write their own story. When I'm not gaming, you can find me hanging out with my girlfriend, practicing my musical and audio skills, or deep-diving into the creatures and cosmos of the Forgotten Realms and Planescape. I am a multitasker, an accomplished improviser, and a creative communicator with strong leadership and mediation skills. I take pride in being accountable, reliable, prepared, and engaged in my work, and I'm grateful to be able to make a full time gig running D&D.

GM style

I believe that Roll20 is capable of creating a gamified and immersive experience far beyond what most comparison videos would have you believe. I make creative use of API scripts and macros to streamline play and improve your experience. I strive for balance among the three pillars of DnD: combat, roleplay, and exploration. I base session encounters on what is most appropriate in terms of immediate objectives or events and what has been perhaps less of a focus in recent weeks. While I think tactical combat is always a fun and rewarding part of D&D, I also like to use house rules to make my games more gritty and add abilities or traits to keep even veterans on the edge of their seat. I provide Player Characters with extra feats, skills, and ASIs to give them every edge in a campaign that might be more challenging. I believe in the six encounter day (where appropriate) and use skill challenges and extended uses for Downtime when it's appropriate for your party to relax. I'm fond of random tables and encounters but believe that a game should be tailored around the choices and consequences of the players as they relate to a central tension. I reward experience rather than using milestones and provide new players in long-running games with less XP than the rest of the party to help them settle in and allow me to assess their strengths and weaknesses. However, you'll still have access to the extra feats, ASIs, and skills the rest of the party has gained, providing access to creative and flavorful builds that most games do not. Don't let being new to the game deter you! I aim to make the onboarding and character creation process as streamlined as possible, and I'll provide you with macros, tips, and context to help you settle into your new campaign.

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