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About me

Howdys and Salutations! I've been playing D&D since the death throes of 3.5, skipped 4th entirely after a break and settled right nicely in the DM chair for 5e ever since Tyranny of Dragons dropped. I've ran and finished multiple online and in-person campaigns, often ending around tier 3 play (level 14). To get a good picture of what my games look like, imagine fun as a core concept — that's me! All I do is in the name of the collective fun for the whole table. I view TTRPGS in essence as an exercise to break out from constrained systems to do ridiculous stuff like, oh, I dunno, befriending the green dragon in Thundertree through carefully and tactfully putting the cursed helm of opposite alignment on it — he became a real softie after that! One rule I always abide by - mistakes, of any kind, are an opportunity to be creative and to do something fun and often hilarious. You regret your frail level 1 PC ran confidently into a pack of goblins, rolling poorly on that persuasion check? No problem. This does not mean death. Well, not necessarily anyway. It might, but it might also be another opportunity to pitch them that lucrative moonshine business you've been going on and on about lately. I wouldn't blame you, it's a neat idea. Anyways, happy to share the wonders of RPGs with you and create lasting memories that'll hopefully be sung about for years to come. Toodly-Doodly! (It's 'see you soon' in goblin, I promise.)

GM style

I respect and enjoy all the three pillars of the game — combat, exploration and roleplay. I love the clink of many, many dice hitting the table as I shout 'FIREBALL!' under tense combat scenarios where the descriptions of the stakes and the enemy personalities are paramount. Whether in their tactics or their disposition, my NPCs, monsters or otherwise, are true to their world. I do not shy away from player death - some of the most impactful moments in my TTRPG journey have been centered around a character's final, heroic moments. I even have rules designed around making your last moments even more poignant. There are no inconsequential deaths at my table. If you've gotta go, you go big. Exploration is all about wonder. I make sure my scenes are as evocative as they can be. It is a game of imagination, and I want yours to go wild. From puzzles to finding long lost relics of unimaginable power to town intrigue and navigation of challenging personalities, I've got you covered. With roleplay I am mindful to relax, to not be afraid, and sometimes to even be a little silly. It is, after all, a game of pretend in a fictional world and, whilst I do take great care in it, I want my tables to be a friendly and respectful environment for all within. I love doing weird voices, aided and abetted by technology, to really immerse players in my world so that it's not just me they're hearing every time.

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