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About me

I always knew a little bit about Dungeons and Dragons, and my only real introduction to roleplay was when I was diagnosed with anxiety, early on in my teens. I was purely play-by-post, with no real rules but based solely on your ability to paint a word picture. It was my only social outlet, but I loved the aspect of shared fantasy and collaboration, problem-solving with diverse groups for mutual benefit, and even navigating complex social situations. And I thrived. These were things I couldn’t do in my real life, so naturally, I jumped at every opportunity in fantasy – it was great. A few decades later I got into Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition through Youtube, and an online ad in a local gaming store. I’m a mental health and addictions worker, so my schedule never really allowed for any sort of stability – but I found that ad and my schedule worked. I decided to go for it, and it was hard, but I loved it from the get-go. I felt in control, and free. After a few years of terrorizing my own Dungeon Master, I decided to assume the mantle and my enjoyment grew tenfold. Now I run a few games per week and random one-shots. I’ve started venturing into other systems like Monster of the Week and Blades in the Dark, exploring alternative ways to tell dynamic and well-paced stories. I really, really love the Acquisitions Incorporated and “C” Team because they’re laid back but still mechanically interesting and compelling. I’m a huge fan of the Dungeons and Daddies and Stinky Dragon podcasts.

GM style

I love roleplay. Always, first and foremost. I think that there can always be a balance between the primary story and action, and I work with my players to find that; whether it means adjusting rules on the fly or making core differences to how the materials are presented. There are no problems, only solutions. Similarly, I try to run fast-paced and exciting combat encounters that focus on giving the players the feeling of being heroic champions, while still worrying for their mortality. I think that the core 5e materials work as a great basis, but frequently try to explore new creatures to incorporate to keep people on their toes.

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