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About me

I got my introduction to roleplay in my early teens, through a virtual medium (play-by-post) and it was really my only social outlet for a long time, especially the collaborative narration; those platforms weren't really defined by any system but your imagination - which forced people to develop communities founded on self-regulation, creativity, and respect. Fast forward a few decades and I've been playing 5e for about 3-years now and decided to get into DMing during the pandemic to give my own DM a break - then the hook was set. Despite my anxiety I love playing with people across the table, but I have quickly found a return to my virtual roots with awesome platforms like Discord and Foundry. I love that I can create wiki's for NPCs my players have met, that we can adjust schedules on the fly, or even arrange for on-the-spot sessions to test new content, or when someone just wants to resolve a bit of character exposition. That's my favorite part of the tabletop concept: a conversation can become a fantasy adventure in seconds. I am by no means an expert on the 5th Edition System but have a firm grasp and am always open to not only allowing players to be creative with their actions, but equally being receptive to criticism, feedback, or teachings from players. There is no better game than the one you leave having learned a little while also having had a great time. IRL I've worked in the social field for some time, ranging across a pretty broad spectrum of helping professions. I was a peer support worker for a local crisis intervention unit, and I worked outreach with the homeless for a period of time. My focus was always on supportive practices and social development - I like to think I bring those core concepts of inclusion, safety, and open dialogue into my playing environments. I really have just one core philosophy: like Bill and Ted said, just be excellent to each other.

GM style

I'm big on roleplay and love doing voices (as long as my vocal cords hold out!), whether silly or serious. It's really important to me to develop characters and stories that are well-considered and utilize as much of the players input (actions, background information, etc) as possible to integrate them into the world. In combat, I tend to be strategic with my encounters, and I love it when players think outside the traditional mechanics of combat to be victorious in encounters - the rule of cool is always welcome at my table. I also work diligently to make sure you, as the player, have all the tools necessary to keep your adventure moving along.

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