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Travis D.
Game Designer

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Highly rated for: Creativity, Teacher, Knows the Rules

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About me

As a lifelong hobbyist, my enthusiasm for roleplaying games was born from unforgettable shenanigans shared with close friends around a table in some basement. That same love has spawned countless friendships and encouraged me to join and contribute to a number of great communities, including store-driven Adventurer's Leagues and Cons. I have even been fortunate enough to make a living producing accessories for tabletop games, so it's no exaggeration to say that my life revolves around roleplaying games. I cut my teeth on D&D 3.x and had the rewarding experience of my first group of players being ready to explore countless other systems. Looking at the subtle beauty in new mechanics and the nuances that tie them into their settings and stories is a personal passion of mine, one that I love to share. Facilitating a new player learning a system, whether it's their first go at Dungeons & Dragons or their latest foray beyond, is one of my favorite opportunities. I own a myriad of unique RPGs and have read most of them, but I am always eager to hear about new potential experiences and unique stories to be told. Sharing our stories and love of games is what makes tabletop roleplaying games so special. I hope you'll allow me to share some of the things I love with you.

GM style

My style tends towards a collaborative cinematic approach. The table works together as both director and actors, breathing life into the story. Not everyone may feel comfortable getting into character, but it's perfectly fine to describe what is happening or imagine your character's motives or thoughts. Some people love immersing themselves completely in their character's persona, and that approach works just as well. Personally, I like to strike a balance between facilitating clear scenes and occasionally taking on the persona of characters in the game. While I'm not a voice actor, I do tend to get wrapped up in a good story and fall into character from time to time. Many of the games I enjoy can be run simply using voice communication and physical or digital dice. Other games benefit from digital tools like Roll20 to facilitate maps and handouts. Above all, gaming is about having fun, whether that means more above-the-table talk than roleplaying, focusing on character development, or delving into crunchy tactical gameplay. I'm here for all of it.

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