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About me

Hello Adventurers! My name's Jacob and I've been running TTRPGs for over a decade with almost two years of experience full time GM-ing. With a long background in theatre as well as a former designer of escape rooms, I bring a wealth of experience to every game I run. My focus is on making a fun and satisfying story regardless of player history with the game. No matter whether your characters are trekking through a mountain pass, exploring the furthest reaches of space or even attending a spooky summer camp, you should be experiencing a well crafted adventure you will never forget. I also bring an attentive eye to representation within the game space. As a former organizer and field director for numerous political campaigns, I have fought for this first hand and will not let it go unnoticed in my games. There is a wide spectrum of games I have played and run varying from DND (5e and 3.5), White Wolf, Doctor Who, Kids on Bikes, Honey Heist, Mutants and Masterminds, Call of Cthulhu, Wet Hot American Summer, and much, much more. I look forward to crafting unique gaming experiences in these wildly different worlds.

GM style

My favorite thing while GM-ing is the moment when a player gasps. I love the moment where I have created an environment where their choices have led them to something unexpected. I build immersive, responsive worlds and that moment of unexpected joy is what I hunt after while playing.

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