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Carson | Fabled Folklore Gaming

3 years on StartPlaying

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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Sets the Mood, Inclusive

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Response rate: 50%

About me

Ladies, gentlemen, and friends from beyond the binary—well met, and a pleasure to meet indeed! As you step inside, do please leave your boots at the door. All settled in? Then come, and picture with me the following… A group of four, clad in the colors of their order and armed with weapons of the Old World. They tread with caution through the decrepit remains of a once-proud public library—best to be wary of the new librarians. Or instead, imagine this—a devil-horned man and an angel-winged woman ready their suppressed handguns, stack up on either side of a door, and nod beneath the flickering fluorescent light. The point of no return is nigh—if the gods won’t act, they’ll handle it themselves. Or picture yet again—pandemonium! The lich-king has won, and skeleton warriors run amok in the streets! There’s no stopping them now—how will you survive? These unique worlds and more await at my table. Players new and experienced alike are welcome—the only requirement is a good attitude!

GM style

Player-GM collaboration There’s a secret they don’t tell you in the Dungeon Master’s Guide—the best way to build an awesome world is together with the players. I lay the foundation, and you help fill in the blanks to make the setting we all want to play in. If you’re just looking for a dungeon grind, that’s fine, but I encourage you to give my method a try! I’m always happy to tailor the game to what the players like, but collaborative worldbuilding, character-driven action, opportunities for non-combat solutions, and a healthy dose of roleplay with fun, original characters have always been a highlight of my games. Organized references and curated third-party content Staying organized and keeping track of everything while playing an RPG can be a headache. My Google Drive folder of official 5e material, carefully-selected content from third-party publishers, and helpful cheat sheets will aid you before and during the game. I also offer D&D Beyond access for players who wish to use it to build their characters. A safe and inclusive space More important than all of that, though, is that I always strive to create the most inclusive space that I can. I want everyone at the table to feel safe to be themselves as they pretend to be someone else. I use session zero to establish table expectations and safety tools like lines and veils in order to head off potential conflict ahead of time. I expect everyone to hold themselves to the expectations we agree on together so that everyone can relax and have a good time. And just to be explicit about it, yes, I am talking about fellow members of the LGBTQ+ community, BIMPOC, and AAPI, among others. Everyone’s basic human dignity deserves and will receive respect in this house. If this sounds like your cup of tea, sign up for a game and let’s have a go! I hope to see you at the table. :)

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