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About me

Full time DM on Roll20 for over 5 years. I am 32 years old. I started playing D&D over 15 years ago! I discovered D&D when my friend introduced me to AD&D. My first character was a dual weilding berserker. This was in the early years of high school and I become instantly addicted. I would often DM for my friends and spent my weekends pouring over my D&D books while drawing maps and writing campaign stories. Nothing has changed since then. I Joined Roll20 at the end of 2016 when another friend of mine from school introduced me to the platform. I started running games on Roll20 in March 2016 and have evolved and developed my skills as a DM since then. I Run games of D&D 6 days a week and still want more! I have been a full time DM for over five years now. I have over 15,000 hours of experience on Roll20. I like to stick to the rules as much as possible when running published modules. I also like to practice voices for NPC's and love writing stories and building worlds in my numerous homebrew campaigns. I own almost every piece of published content by WoTC for D&D 5E and also many other homebrew resources. I devote a lot of my time and energy to D&D and to create the best experience possible for my players.

GM style

I love a good mixture of roleplaying, combat and exploration. I voice all of my NPCs and combat is usually tactical. I try to portray each enemy according to their lore and abilities as well as taking in to account the context of the encounter. I like to be descriptive and provide and immersive game, in and out of combat.

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