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Pathfinder 1e


Pathfinder 1e

by Paizo

About Pathfinder 1e

If thrilling adventures of derring-do, mysterious secrets waiting to be discovered, dungeon crawling, and dragon slaying sounds like a great time, you’re going to want to dive into Paizo Publishing’s award winning D20 adventure game, Pathfinder. Pathfinder 1st edition is a D20 based Tabletop RPG built from an open playtest of over 50,000 gamers through the Open Gaming License. Known for it’s highly customizable character creation options, crunchy combat, and diverse cast of iconic characters, Pathfinder swiftly became a favorite among Tabletop Role Playing fans old and new. From the lush jungles of the Mwangi Expanse to the frigid tundra of the Stormspear Mountains, Golarion is a vibrant world to explore full of memorable characters, intriguing political drama, mysterious ruins, and of course, epic dungeons allowing GMs to run a broad variety of adventures, including; pulp action, political intrigue, gothic horror, and more...

About Pathfinder 1e
How to Play

You’ll play as a Pathfinder, or adventurer, out to explore, investigate, and battle your way across Golarion. Players create their characters by choosing from a variety of species, class and prestige class options, as well as special abilities. In addition to familiar favorites like Fighters, Clerics, and Wizards, you can choose from more niche options like Gunslingers, Oracles, and Cavaliers. Further customize your character with backgrounds from the many in-world secret societies, knightly orders, and places of origin for endless possibilities. Pathfinder uses a D20 + modifier system. For conflict resolution, you’ll roll a D20 and add the character’s relevant bonus to your roll. This applies equally to using stealth to disarm traps, persuading contacts to get information, slaying a horde of goblins, or anything else your Game Master throws your way -all while roleplaying your way through an epic story. Pathfinder is widely known for its award-winning “Adventure Paths”, pre-written adventure series that take characters through epic sagas as you level up from local do-gooder to legendary hero. Whether you decide to play one of the Adventure Paths or write your own, Pathfinder has a story for you.

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