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Rob - GM Rah

3 years on StartPlaying

1014 games hosted

Highly rated for: Creativity, Storytelling, Inclusive

Average response time: Under 1 hour

Response rate: 100%

About me

I have come here to chew bubble gum and crush campaigns. And I'm all out of bubble gum! I love both roleplay and combat and tailor the ratio to the needs of the table. I've run a combat and exploration focused Tomb of Annihilation campaign as well as a roleplay heavy and whimsical Wild Beyond the Witchlight. I can be funny, silly, serious, or weird, and I'm not afraid to improvise and follow the need of players, even if that means going off the rails or side-questing on a whim. I've been running games on Startplaying for over 3 years and running home campaigns over 30 years. I have a ton of experience and I often bring my own stories, art, and maps to the table. Current Campaigns on Startplaying: Monday 10am EST - Dungeons of Drakkenheim Monday 2pm EST - Grim Hollow: Lairs of Etharis Tuesday 10am EST - Book of Many Things Tuesday 2pm EST - Dungeons of Drakkenheim Wednesday 10am EST - Planescape: Turn of Fortune’s Wheel Wednesday 2pm EST - Phandelver and Below Thursday 7pm EST - Curse of Strahd Friday 2:30pm EST - Planescape: Turn of Fortune’s Wheel Upcoming Campaigns: Vecna - Eve of Ruin Completed Campaigns on Startplaying: Tomb of Annihilation Storm King’s Thunder Candlekeep (2x) Wild Beyond the Witchlight (3x) Spelljammer: Light of Xaryxis (3x) Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel (2x) Keys from the Golden Vault Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen (x2) Wild Beyond the Witchlight on YouTube Curse of Strahd

GM style

I love storytelling and worldbuilding. I'm very flexible with roleplaying, willing to get into the weeds, or just wing it depending on player style. I'll do voices, but I don't get crazy, nor do I care if others do or do not use them. Tactical combat is fun, but sometimes theater of the mind sets a better scene.


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