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My name is Chris. I’m 33 years old, and I’ve been DMing since grade school with 3rd edition and worked my way through each version of dnd along with systems like World of Darkness, Shadowrun, Savage Worlds, Pathfinder, and more over the last twenty plus years. I’ve found myself in the DM seat for the most part, and it’s a spot where I’m most comfortable and excited to be. I have been DMing professionally for close to three years now. I started with two games on Roll20 as a way to bring in extra income, and I am currently up to five games and working on making this a primary source of income going forward. I love DMing online and the amount of tools that it makes available to you can really enhance the game in my opinion. I know the Virtual Tabletops that I run on very well, and I would be more than happy to help teach new and seasoned players alike how good they can be. As for my style, I love taking prewritten modules and molding them into a story that really feels unique to each player and character. I utilize resources and ideas from the internet during my strange dives into odd topics, the community of other DMs and players I’m part of, and my own homebrew in order to help the players and their characters to feel like a part of the world. My goal in each campaign and each session is to watch the player develop their characters’ stories between each other and the world at large. I adjust my playstyle based on the group that I’m playing with. I love running heavy RP and Political intrigue games with plenty of moving parts and mysteries, but I also am able to run dynamic and exciting combats or dungeon crawls for those that love to test the limits of their characters in that way. I communicate with the people I play with in order to find out what they enjoy and expect to get from each game that I run, and I believe that I work hard to meet that expectation. When it comes to party composition in a game, my first goal is to create a group that gets along well rather than just piling in the first couple people that respond. If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to send me a message and let me know what questions that you might have. We can talk a bit more about your questions and about what you’re looking for in a game. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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