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Leland House
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About me

Hey everyone! I'm Leland, but some of you might know me as Leopold the Just! I've been hooked on TTRPGs since I was 12 years old, and my passion for storytelling, character development, and world-building has only grown over the years. I believe your bravery, choices, and even your mistakes shape the epic tales we experience. I'm here to help us navigate surprises, celebrate our victories, and treasure those unforgettable moments. My community welcomes both seasoned players and newcomers. We create a space where joy and creativity are at the forefront, and every contribution is valued. Kindness and respect are just as important as your gear and spells. In my games, whether you're battling monsters, unraveling ancient mysteries, or forging menaingful alliances, you're part of an adventure that values every voice at the table! I offer private bookings, so make sure to contact me to arrange your next gaming event. If you do so, I hope you're ready to embark on an epic journey!

GM style

šŸ“– Depth of Storytelling: I weave intricate, captivating narratives that engage players from start to finish. šŸŽ­ Character Development: I specialize in creating and embodying complex characters that resonate deeply with players. āœØ Custom Content: Whether we're following a module or not, I love adding unique twists that highlight your characters. šŸ¤ Inclusivity Advocate: I'm committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive gaming environment for everyone; Regardless of ability, age, gender identity, nationality, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, spiritual beliefs, socioeconomic background, health conditions, educational background, neurodiversity, language, family structure, political beliefs, or military status. šŸŽ™ Experienced Voice Actor: With 20 years of amateur voice acting experience, at the table and in an improv setting specifically, I bring a wide range of characters to life with authenticity and uniqueness. šŸŒŸ Player Engagement: I make sure every player has their moment to shine, encouraging active participation across the virtual board. šŸ”„ Adaptability: I'm highly skilled at adjusting game dynamics on the fly to reflect player decisions, ensuring a seamless gameplay experience. šŸ‘‹ Encouraging Beginners: I'm welcoming and patient with newcomers, making sure they feel comfortable and integrated, no matter the experience level of their fellow players or the themes present in the campaign. šŸ•Š Conflict Resolution: I adeptly navigate and resolve both in-game and interpersonal conflicts to maintain a positive group dynamic. Social health at the table is paramount. šŸ“š Continuous Learner: I continuously update my knowledge with the latest RPG mechanics, lore, and best GM practices to improve our sessions.

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