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Leland House
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About me

Hey there! I'm Leland, aka Leopold the Just! •He/They •💗💛💙 •Collaborative Storyteller, Professional GM, & Social Media Manager •Archaeology/Geology Major •Goblinoid •Metalhead •Horror fanatic •Strategy game nerd ----------- Steeped in the world of storytelling, I have a passion for molding characters that not only resonate but also linger in your mind long after the session's end! The group's creativity is the spark that sets our story alight, and I am here to nurture that flame. In the gaming universe we co-create, every player gets their moment in the spotlight, ensuring everyone has a chance to shine and feel valued. With a rich decade of voice acting in TTRPGs, I don’t just voice characters, I breathe life into them, creating lasting memories for all. Are you ready for a narrative voyage filled with shared moments and collective triumphs? Join me, and together, let's craft an unforgettable adventure where everyone's story is celebrated! 🚀🌌

GM style

A few things I bring to the virtual table: 🎲 Depth of Storytelling: Skilled in crafting intricate and compelling narratives that captivate players from start to finish. 🎲 Character Development: Expertise in designing and portraying multifaceted characters that resonate deeply with players. 🎲 Inclusivity Advocate: Dedicated to creating a gaming environment where everyone feels genuinely welcomed and valued. 🎲 Experienced Voice Actor: A decade of voice acting in TTRPGs, capable of bringing a variety of characters to life with authenticity. 🎲 Player Engagement: Ensures every player gets their moment in the spotlight, promoting active participation and engagement. 🎲 World Building: Proficient in constructing vibrant, dynamic worlds from scratch that serve as immersive backdrops for adventures. 🎲 Adaptability: Ability to adjust game dynamics on-the-fly based on player decisions, ensuring a fluid and responsive gameplay experience. 🎲 Encouraging Beginners: Welcoming and patient with newcomers, ensuring they're comfortable and feel integrated into the gaming experience. 🎲 Conflict Resolution: Skilled in navigating and resolving in-game and interpersonal conflicts, fostering a positive group dynamic. 🎲 Continuous Learner: Always staying updated with the latest in RPG mechanics, lore, and best practices to enhance the gaming experience.


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