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Leland House

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Leland Househe/they

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23 years
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19 years
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About me

Hey there, I'm Leland (he/they), but you might know me as Leopold the Just. I'm a versatile queer individual with a diverse skillset and unique passions, including strategy games, archaeology, geology, horror, sci-fi, and TTRPGs. When you join me on a TTRPG adventure, you can expect a thrilling journey filled with collaborative storytelling. I'm committed to creating strong character connections and imaginative narratives, and I always value player input to foster a positive and inclusive gaming experience. With almost a decade of TTRPG-related voice acting experience under my belt, I bring NPCs and encounters to life with memorable personalities. I love incorporating the monstrous and unknown into our games, adding an extra layer of excitement and intrigue. And the best part? I achieve those otherworldly guttural voices naturally, without any voice modulation. Let's embark on an unforgettable adventure together!

GM style

Are you ready for a world of adventure and excitement? Join me as we delve into the magic of TTRPGs! As a TTRPG enthusiast, I love immersing myself in roleplaying, and I'm equally passionate about incorporating tactical combat with engaging narrative descriptions to create a thrilling experience in each round. Together, we'll craft an immersive world filled with distinct and unique NPCs. With my diverse range of character voices and mannerisms, I'll bring our world to life. Get ready for a campaign that you'll fully invest in. We'll collaborate on worldbuilding and storytelling, and you'll become an integral part of the world you'll play in. Trust me, this level of buy-in is unlike anything you've experienced before, if you are new to this level of collaboration!


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