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About me

Hello, I am Matthew Pauze, and I have been a passionate Game Master since 1993. Throughout my years in the tabletop RPG and LARP communities, I have had the opportunity to run and participate in various systems. Currently, I reside in Canada with my family and partner. In 2019, with the rise of Covid-19, I shifted my focus to online platforms such as Discord and Roll20. I aim to introduce and highlight some of the lesser-known gems in the TTRPG community rather than just relying on popular systems like Dungeons and Dragons. In addition to my experience as a Game Master, I also have a strong passion for RPG design. I love exploring new and innovative ways to bring stories to life and create unique and memorable gaming experiences for my players. I am particularly interested in horror settings, as I find something extraordinary about creating an atmosphere of suspense and fear around the table. Another aspect of my work that I take great pride in is my ability to tailor my storytelling style to the needs and preferences of my player troupe. I understand that every group is unique and that I must adapt my approach to ensure everyone has a great time as a group. Whether adjusting the pace, adding more humor, or focusing on a particular story aspect, I always strive to create the ideal experience for my player's troupe. Please note that I do not generally offer my services for children's events. If I cannot accommodate a client, I will help get them in contact with someone who can. Note: Nazis, racists, sexists, transphobes, homophobes, and other bigots are explicitly prohibited from playing, reading, watching, or enjoying my games. In fact, I'd rather you avoided my games altogether. If you have to ask whether this statement is about you, it is.

GM style

My GMing style is dynamic and versatile, adapting to the unique preferences of each troupe. I prioritize the spirit of the rules over strict adherence to the letter and delight in creating multi-layered storylines that allow players to explore the world at their own pace. My passion lies in character development through immersive plots and intricate mysteries, and I work closely with my players to tailor their experiences to their tastes. This tailoring, though, will not be a loss to the group's enjoyment. Crafting and world-building are two of my favorite aspects of storytelling, especially when the system allows for them. I offer a free monthly one-shot game to give you a taste of my style. It's the best way to get a feel for my approach and decide if it fits you. Thank you for considering me as your GM, and have a fantastic day.

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