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About me

Meet Rollin, a passionate and experienced TTRPG Game Master with a love for storytelling and a talent for creating immersive game worlds. While their name is a nod to their dad's first D&D character, Rollin's own journey with TTRPGs began at the age of 9 when they played 2nd edition AD&D with their father. Since then, they have played and learned at least some of every edition. Rollin's games are known for being roleplay-heavy, with a focus on character development and rich storytelling. However, they also enjoys throwing in some dungeon crawls and epic battles to keep the players on their toes. Whatever the game style, Rollin's emphasis is always on creating an inclusive and welcoming space for all players to feel comfortable, respected, and free to express themselves. In addition to Dungeons and Dragons, Rollin has played and loved many other TTRPGs, including All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Pathfinder, and Star Wars. They are always willing to learn new systems and run games for players who are passionate about different games. With Rollin as your Game Master, you can expect a thrilling and captivating gaming experience that will keep you coming back for more.

GM style

I am passionate about crafting intriguing stories with my players, and I love nothing more than drawing from their backstories to fuel the plot. I have one flaw, though: I can never seem to make anything small. But fear not! I promise that whatever kind of story you want to be a part of, every nook and cranny of it will be filled with thick and juicy plot and lore. My goal is to make sure most of what you'll encounter with me is completely unlike anything you've seen before. Currently, I'm running seven campaigns, all of which take place in the same game world and often have cross-over events amongst the campaigns. I have a fantastic community of over 50 players, all of whom are connected on the same Discord server. Although I stick to book rules as much as possible, I am devout to the Rule of Cool. If you want to try something unique with a spell or ability that technically doesn't fit, I'll still let you try it anyway. Who doesn't want to be a badass, right? Most of my games are open-world, and take place in the same handful of settings. So, if you do something amazing in one game, you may hear about it in a future adventure you have with me in another campaign. Trust me, I will keep you engaged every step of the way!

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