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About me

I have been playing D&D for about 16 years. I started with 3/3.5 and pathfinder, played 4th ed. and now settled on 5e for the foreseeable future. I have played Eclipse Phase, GURPS, and Star Wars (D20 & FFG). I learned quickly in college with friends and quickly became the Forever-DM. I've run countless irl games and at least a dozen through Roll20. For the past 5 years I have been building a homebrew world and set of adventures. The more my players engage the more we all discover about the world of Azure. I prefer to run a longer campaign when possible. I like to see characters and players grow. While I keep an overall campaign story in mind, not every adventurer is out to save the world, and your actions (or inaction) can have campaign altering consequences. I strive to be as inclusive and respectful as possible, please never hesitate to approach me about anything in game.

GM style

I enjoy seeing players roleplay and interact with the world. I strive to create unique experiences for players and revel in watching them unfold mysteries. I'm a storyteller and I love to build character backgrounds with my players and help incorporate them into the story and world. I try to incorporate voices for NPCs but I am still learning to be more adventurous in this. I play through Roll20 but prefer to use discord for voice/video communications.


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