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About me

Hail and well met, brave adventurers! My name is Bob, and I want to be your Dungeon Master. For almost 40 years, I've been helping friends and strangers alike weave magical tales across strange worlds as they encounter mythical creatures and recover ancient treasures. I especially enjoy DMing new players, and helping introduce them to the hobby that has been so important to me. I pride myself on patient explanation of the rules, and there are no questions too mundane or too silly. I welcome all players, and strive to provide a fun, respectful, and safe environment where we can all create exciting tales of heroism and explore fantastical worlds. I strive to make my games a place where all people --especially marginalized communities-- can feel welcome. I consider myself an old-school DM with more contemporary sensibilities. I've played with hundreds of friends and strangers in homes, at conventions, in gaming stores and, occasionally, even on the beach. I'd love the opportunity to play with you, too. Jump in a game today, and let's tell some amazing stories together!

GM style

I love ALL OF IT! I try to customize each session to the players’ liking. Some group prefer lots of tactical, intense combat. Others really thrive on roleplay, while still others shine with puzzles and exploration. I’ve played with so many different folks over the years, there isn’t a play style I can’t adapt to.


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