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About me

Hello there, Sun here! ☀️ Writer, Game Designer, and Voice Actor. It's been 10 years since TTRPGs changed my world—I now practically devote my entire life to them. Let me be your guide into countless lands of fantasy, fear, and fun. I love creating evocative worlds for you to experience, which will constantly develop as you interact with it and make meaningful decisions. Uncover the setting through play, face untold dangers, and forge memories you'll hold forever. My tables are friendly to complete beginners—I love teaching people new games and getting you more accommodated to the fun world of TTRPGs.

GM style

🗺️ I prefer Situations not Plots. There is no script—you freely make the choices. The story you find and create together comes from how you interact with a situation. How does it get resolved? What did it cost? What situations develop from your decision? 🎨 I love to bring the world to life with aesthetically interesting visuals and mood appropriate playlists. I prepare combat tracks for enemy types, ambience for environments, and voice changers for more monstrous individuals. ⚔️ When combat is the focus I emphasise its tactical nature with dynamic terrain, shifting goals, hard to make choices, and varied enemy types. Let's get equally excited and afraid when initiative begins! 🎭 I love roleplaying out social interactions with NPCs—be it during town shopping and exploration, or even during combat when they are swearing at you to surrender. I give characters motivations, secrets, and histories that direct their personalities. You are meant to hate some and love others—maybe even fall in love. 🎲 I believe using our improvisational skills to interpret the chaos of the dice fuels creativity. When a dice is used to foretell and speak truths, it is breathed into the world and massaged to comfortably fit.


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