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Greetings, adventurers. My name is George, and I have been playing TTRPGs since circa 2001, though I didn't get seriously into DMing until 5th Edition D&D was released. I have a background in theatre, history, and education, and I believe that I have been able to draw on all of those while developing my DM style, which emphasizes dramatic conflict, difficult decisions, and character development. I am based in Germany, but I have lived in the US, Canada, and the UK, and have had the pleasure of meeting players from all across the world both online and in person. The games I run are mostly drawn from the official Wizards of the Coast publications for 5th edition, with some key supplements from Kobold Press, Sly Flourish, and others. However, in each campaign I make sure to engage with the player characters' backgrounds, which begins with a session zero in which we create characters together suited to each campaign's theme. For me, each campaign is its own world, and I strive to create a unique and consistent atmosphere for each one, such as the dark and grim tone of Curse of Strahd or the epic hack-and-slash feel of Descent into Avernus. For the same reason, some campaigns include unique mechanics, such as the madness funnel for Out of the Abyss, or the corruption track outlined by Matthew Mercer for Ravenloft campaigns. My games, even when played remotely online, on virtual tabletops, try to emulate the feel of playing with pen and paper as much as possible. I prefer not to let technology get in the way too much, so that we can focus on the human elements of the game - that is, the people around our virtual table. I am always available to answer questions through this site. If you have any doubts before signing up for a session, please contact me. I am always eager to hear from established parties who are looking for a new DM - whether you have already been gaming together, or you are a group of friends, coworkers, or a family group, I would love to take you on an adventure together. I am also very happy to entertain requests from existing/ongoing groups for a specific campaign for your party, whether you have a published module in mind or just an idea that you'd like to develop. Play the game you want to play!

GM style

I enjoy running campaigns with strong themes and narrative unity, where characters are closely integrated with the world and the setting. I put a lot of effort in adjusting the campaign to the characters created jointly by the players during session zero. I tend to run published official 5e modules from WOTC (or updated modules from other editions) but I always make changes to suit each group. I pride myself on running pretty fast-paced campaigns, and I like to think that my players feel that they have achieved something significant in each session. Of course, every campaign is different and I like to suit the "feel" of the campaign to the theme. My "Descent into Avernus" campaign, for example, feels a lot like a hack-and-slash RPG (think Diablo), while my "Dragonheist" campaign was an attempt to evoke the atmosphere of "Gangs of New York". The balance between roleplaying, combat and exploration can vary widely between each campaign, as well. While one campaign might feature many epic, strategic battles, another might require players to find creative solutions to avoid conflict altogether. There is a big difference between adventuring in a well-governed city like Waterdeep and a fetid swamp in far-off Chult! The best way to find a game that suits your expectations is to have a discussion about what parts of fantasy roleplaying excite YOU the most: Send me message telling me what kind of fiction you enjoy reading, what kind of video games you enjoy, or what kind of films you see your character starring in, and that will tell me a lot about what the right campaign for you is.

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