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Greetings, adventurers. My name is George, and I have been immersing myself in TTRPGs since around 2001. My journey into the realm of Game Mastering took a serious turn with the release of Pathfinder. My background in theatre, history, and education has been instrumental in shaping my GM style, which emphasizes dramatic conflict, challenging decisions, and character development. I’ve had the pleasure of engaging with a diverse and international player population, both online and in person. This experience has enriched my understanding of the game and its global appeal. The games I run are primarily drawn from official Paizo publications for Pathfinder, supplemented by key resources from publishers like Kobold Press and Sly Flourish. In each campaign, I make it a point to engage with the player characters’ backgrounds. This begins with a session zero where we collaboratively create characters that align with the theme of the campaign. Each campaign I run is a unique world unto itself. I strive to create a distinctive and consistent atmosphere for each one, whether it’s the dark and grim tone of a horror campaign or the epic battles of a high fantasy adventure. Some campaigns may include unique mechanics tailored to their theme. My games, even when played remotely online, aim to emulate the feel of a traditional tabletop experience as much as possible. I prefer to keep technology from overwhelming the gameplay, allowing us to focus on the human elements of the game - the people around our virtual table. I am always available to answer questions through this site. If you have any doubts before signing up for a session, please contact me. I am always eager to hear from established parties who are looking for a new GM. Whether you have already been gaming together, or you are a group of friends, coworkers, or a family group, I would love to embark on an adventure with you. I am also open to requests from existing/ongoing groups for a specific campaign for your party. Whether you have a published module in mind or just an idea that you’d like to develop, I’m here to help you play the game you want to play! Remember, the essence of tabletop gaming is to have fun and create memorable stories together. Let’s roll the dice!

GM style

After first getting hooked on Table Top RPGs at the dawn of the D&D 5e era, I found myself GMing almost every night of the week, back when playing in person at the table was the norm. It was during the first days of the lockdown in 2020 that I had to choose between learning to GM remotely or finding a different hobby! I never imagined that, four years later, I would be GMing for players logging in from across the world. Running campaigns filled with strong themes and narrative unity brings me immense satisfaction. Characters are woven into the fabric of the world and the setting, thanks to the considerable effort invested in tailoring the campaign to the personas crafted by players during session zero. While published official modules from Paizo for Pathfinder are my go-to, customizations are made to cater to each group’s unique dynamics. Fast-paced campaigns are my specialty, and it’s my hope that players end each session feeling a sense of significant accomplishment. Adapting the “feel” of each campaign to match its theme is essential. For instance, one might mirror the intensity of a hack-and-slash RPG, while another might channel the essence of a classic crime drama. Campaigns can differ greatly in their balance of roleplaying, combat, and exploration. Some may be laden with epic, strategic battles, while others might challenge players to devise ingenious ways to sidestep conflict. The experience of adventuring in a well-ordered city in Golarion contrasts sharply with navigating a fetid swamp in a world’s forgotten corner. Discovering a game that aligns with your expectations begins with a conversation about what stirs your passion for fantasy roleplaying. Sharing your favorite genres of fiction, video games, or the types of films you envision your character in can provide great insight into the perfect campaign for you. Safety tools and immersive digital-only products are emphasized in my games to enrich the virtual tabletop experience. The goal is to mimic the ambiance of traditional tabletop gaming, even when played online, ensuring that technology enhances rather than detracts from the gameplay. This focus on the human aspect of gaming fosters a connection among the participants at our virtual table. A deep sense of pride in my mastery of the game drives me to stay abreast of its continuous growth and evolution. So, let’s cast the dice and weave unforgettable tales together!

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