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About me

"In oceans of time, and worlds of space, what chance, what happy coincidence that we two might meet. What greater joy that we meet as friends. What unbearable agony that we shall someday part." Welcome! I love roleplaying games: playing, running, watching, talking about - you could say it's something of an unhealthy obsession. But rpgs and more specifically D&D have given me the best parts of my life, like amazing friends, brilliant memories and a sense of self that I wouldn't otherwise have. It would be my deepest pleasure to give other people that sort of joy. I'm a DM with about 5 years of experience, and about 8 years of rpg experience overall, and by throwing myself into the deep end, I've run several campaigns for lots of different people, many at the same time. It's inspired in me a love of fiction and collaborative storytelling, so whilst I write my little passion-project fantasy novel, I'm bound to also be knee-deep in fiddling with homebrew monsters and items, designing challenging and interesting encounters and constructing worlds of imagintion that I just can't wait to share. Any fans of the "Throne of Glass" novels, the Grisha trilogy (and the "Six of Crows" books), Rick Riordan, "Dragonology"/"Monsterology", Garth Nix's "The Old Kingdom" novels or Skulduggery Pleasant (or Saga, or the Cthulhu mythos, or The Adventure Zone, or etc.), please prepare to have your ear talked off and to spot abundant references, inspirations and themes that betray just how deeply my childhood reading program marked me. I would be overjoyed to have you share your interests with me as well - it's my aim to not just run games, but to make friends, and it'd be an honour to have you take a seat at the (virtual) table.

GM style

I love playing with both new players and veterans - I think there's fun to be had in both, and I'm always just as happy to walk less experienced players through rules, character building and roleplay, as I am to see if the player with 10 years under their belt expected the vampire to have *two* lair actions per round! Honestly, I'd like to say that I'm an all-rounder - voicing NPCs, monsters and sound effects is one of my greatest joys in life, and I can often be found practicing speeches in the shower and spell noises as I cook. But building a story with my players will always be my first priority, and integrating backstory, facilitating emotive and engaging roleplay, weaving complex and foreshadowed narratives that reward player agency and pulling big reveals is also a staple of my gaming style. That's not to say I'm a slacker for combat either - Roll20 and TokenMaster have saved my lives more times than I can count, and my D&D Beyond homebrew stash is 15 pages long (for those of you with lives: that's too many pages). I love creating monsters that challenge your characters in interesting and unique ways, referencing Dael Kingsmill's and Matt Colville's Youtube videos on tweaking 5e mechanics to make combat dynamic, exciting and intuitive. But don't worry, I make sure that my players also receive interesting magic items and abilities that go beyond what the base game includes - I don't want you feeling left out! In short, I love every aspect of DMing, and I see no reason why I can't run games that thrill the avid roleplayer and the crunchiest combatant alike - so please, come and join me. Let's see what you've got~

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