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About me

I am a seasoned DM who has been playing since 1998 in 3e. I have been DMing since 2000 and have been DMing 5e specifically since 2018. I have a penchant for new players as I am a fair and reasonable DM. I'm patient and willing to teach and allow others to learn to play in all aspects, whether it's the dynamics of combat or growth with roleplaying. Come meet some of my current and past players on my Discord Server. Message me for the link. I have been building my homebrew world of Grakloros for 13 years. I have run many campaigns in this world. I have maps created in Campaign Cartographer 3+ and a YouTube channel dedicated to the lore of my world. I have to campaign settings featuring my world: The God's Reach setting where my Wednesday game takes place, and the Bones and Barbarians setting that I host publicly on Friday and GM for my crew on Twitch on Thursdays from 7-9pm EST. The first episode of Season 2 airs June 22nd. I am excited to introduce B&B as I have been developing it for many years. I also stream a TTRPG Crafting Show and a Baldur's Gate Playthrough, both of which you can find either LIVE on Twitch or on YouTube on my channel The Lycan DM. My Discord Server is open to any and all past and present players. I host players from all across the US, Europe, and Australia. Come and join what I like to call "my extended D&D family." LGBTQ+ Friendly Autistic Spectrum Friendly New Player Friendly

GM style

I love roleplaying and try my best to promote it in my games. I enjoy helping my players come out of their shell and immerse themselves in their characters and the environment. I do what I can with voices, I may not be a professional voice actor but I think it's one of the most enjoyable parts about DMing. I enjoy combat and playing to the characters strengths and weaknesses. I get great fun out of giving my players their time to shine. I also love putting them in challenging situations where they need to think outside the box. I believe I am a fair DM. I don't enjoy killing of PCs, and will never do so for sport. Unfortunately, some times the dice call for it. I prefer to watch my players grow with their characters and see the mission to it's end and all the rewards that come with it! I am willing to set the table based on the teams preferences. Do you like immersive roleplay or do you want to just kick the door down and beat up some ogres? I'm here to lay out an adventure and facilitate your playstyle as long as it agrees with the other PCs. In the end, we are all here to have fun!


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