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About me

Greetings and salutations. I am Craig and I am generally a laughing, friendly and well-mannered kind of guy. Ofc some days are better than others for all of us... This is all here to help you narrow down whether we might be a good fit to play in some great stories together. River guiding (pictured on Ocoee Oct '23) is just one of many things I've done to live, work and play on the fringes of society in a variety of gorgeous, preferably natural spots across America. I gained and sacrificed much for that lifestyle. I've been playing and running a decent variety of TTRPGs since I was knee high to a grasshopper, with too long a hiatus through many of the past few years. Been back plenty long enough to figure out Roll20 and Discord as well as a few updated games systems but that is not where my enjoyment lies. That is with the people, stories and gameplay! I run inclusive games where everyone is welcome. I'm newcomer friendly and am more than happy and ready to teach a game to somebody who has never played before. Safety tools are important to me as is respect for all. I want everybody to have a good time and a safe place to play. We will run a complimentary session 0 and review these subjects as well as our expectations for each other and the story. My goal is to deliver an experience you're happy to be a part of, please let me know how we can make that happen. I am neurodivergent with ADHD and possibly may even be on the ASD spectrum (these have many "symptoms" in common). Fortunately for us, I tend to hyper fixate on these games... I also believe that the word "disorder" for either of these is a misnomer for simply different ways of thinking, feeling, learning and expressing... I look forward to meeting you to build some collaborative, epic tales!

GM style

Pretty laid-back GM. RP driven where your characters' backstories, personality and decisions have influence in an interactive world with plots, recurring NPC's and locations. Love RP, have a decent array of voices that can be done, just remind me sometimes and I'll do my best. I can run a variety of games and styles, but I'd really like to run some anti-corpo, pro-environmental themes at the moment. I prefer and am usually good with Theater of the mind, personally, but we will definitely use some maps on Roll20 as well. Because we can... All rules bend to the will of the Rule of Cool (at least for Player Characters...)!

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