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About me

Matt here! I fell in love with tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) playing Dungeons & Dragons in 1989. I was eight years old, over at my friend's house, and their older brother ran the game. Though the game only lasted three weeks, I was hooked on the story, world-building, and absolute joy of the game. However, I couldn't find anyone to run e-games or be a Game Master. So, I accepted that role and turned as many friends I could into players, then began turning any players I could find into friends. My first love is the story and characters, and combat keeps it interesting. For a long time, a company called White Wolf made my favorite games. I ran those for years and gave up on D&D because most people I found at the time liked the rules more than the story, and I could never find people who enjoyed both. Then, Critical Role brought everyone out of the woodwork! After watching their streams along with Relics and Rarities, I started to explore D&D games again. And I couldn't be happier about this! About a year ago, I started making steps to turn my 30 years of experience and passion for D&D into a full-time, sustainable career. In one year, I found terrific players and, by the grace of God, have been able to become a full-time storyteller in the TTRPG space. See you at the table! I hope you will join the games and make amazing friends as we battle and work through fantasy life together.

GM style

Role play with character development for campaigns. Guest stars. Sandbox the world is yours is my favorite style.


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